Vigilant 130db Personal Emergency Alarm

Vigilant 130db Personal Emergency Alarm

Vigilant 130db Personal Emergency Alarm


  • Easy to use
  • Loud
  • Professional grade
  • Instant activation


  • The pin rusts and slips out easily

What we think

This alarm does not influence the enemy, but the situation that is around you. The enemy, who prepared for the attack, is likely to be discouraged from a very loud siren sound, because the situation became unpredictable. And most likely the attacker will try to leave the scene.


A small-sized device, which, when pulling out a special check, makes a lot of noise to attract the attention of passers-by. The device is very compact and can be carried in a pocket. This device is hardly a means of full protection. Rather, it is a means to exert psychological pressure on the enemy, which in conjunction with other means of self-defense greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome for you. It is recommended to women who do not use the basic self-defense tools effectively. The sound produced is equal to 130 dB. As this alarm is rather simple in use, it is favourite among students, joggers, night owls, elderly, etc. It is also equipped with a mini LED flashlight. This device got a professional approval and has been used in the US military forces, police, etc. for 8 years.