Siren Song – Personal Security Alarm with Keychain

Siren Song - Personal Security Alarm with Keychain


  • Easy activation
  • Small and convenient
  • Tranquil and sleek


  • Comes with no instructions

What we think

Inasmuch as the Siren Song keychain alarm will not call the authorities when you are in need of help, its alert volume would definitely notify other individuals within the vicinity. And this might be all you need in such situations where a sick person needs to get the attention of a doctor or when someone needs to make a distress call.


It is easy to move around and activating its loud sound is very simple. You don’t need much extra space to take it along due to its portable size and sleekness. You need no warrant or permission of such to acquire a siren song personal alarm. This makes it accessible to anyone interested – kids, sick or disabled individuals, elderly ones, and especially the females. However, from the Siren Song alarm reviews online, a lot of users complain about it not having instructions in the pack. This has caused several problems to the users. Such problems include not understanding how to replace the batteries. Some even said it is not as loud as expected. It is worth confirming these facts though, since it is supposed to produce a sound at 120 decibels ambulance level. Some mistake the speaker for a button – however, you just have to pull out the chain to set the alarm off and then put it back to put it off.