Rayovac PS99CL Rape Alarm

Rayovac PS99CL Rape Alarm

Rayovac PS99CL Rape Alarm with USB Charger and Flashlight


  • Small
  • Light
  • Simple in use
  • USB charger
  • Flashlight


  • Siren is extremely loud and piercing

What we think

This device is a good example of multifunctional device with a rather compact size. It is good not only for self-defense, but also helps you to find some items in the dark.


It is used to attract attention in the event of a surprise attack, attempts to rape, theft or person critical condition. It can be a great solution for the safety of your children. One of the smallest and lightest security alarms with the siren. Simple activation of the siren – just pull the ring. It is necessary to insert it back to stop the alarm. It produces a loud and shrill signal of up to 100 dB. The alarm can be also used as a USB charger and a flashlight. It has enough charge to boost your telephone, so you will never appear in the situation that your phone is off. It is possible to store the device in a purse, pocket, on a key chain with keys.