Personal Safety Tips

You cannot take control of everything that happens in life, but any person is able to make it safer. After all, to some extent, each of us is too careless or gullible, succumbing to the tricks of swindlers and speculators.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a crime, fraud or violence?

Now is the time that is terrible to live. You walk down the street and do not know what is waiting for you around the corner. A robber, raper? The saddest thing is that the fears are not groundless. Just look at the crime rate now!

If you do not want to be a victim, it is necessary to carry out very simple rules that we often neglect. If you are a little more cautious and prudent, you will be able to preserve your health, well-being and even your lives.

How to protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim?

Experts believe that the offender needs only seven seconds to recognize his future victim in the crowd. Most often, it is psychologically depressed, with uncertain gait, tired man, that is, one who is not able to provide any resistance. It should be noted that there are two main types of people who fall into trouble and become a victim of a crime most often:

  • The first type of potential victims includes timid and weak people. This type of people perceive risk as inevitable, they are in some way psychologically prepared for violence. They are not able to confront, on the contrary, are absolutely defenseless and helpless.
  • The second type of the victim includes people who are prone to provocation, they provoke criminals to conflicts, draw their attention with their often unconscious behavior.

How to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets, swindlers, robbery, fraud?

  • You should always be on the alert: in transport, in the street, in a store, the post office, the library – anywhere, even at home! Danger is everywhere. This does not mean that you should be afraid of everything around as a paranoid and avoid everything else. No. Live your ordinary life, but be careful, especially in public places.
  • At night, it is not necessary to walk down a dark street wearing headphones or talking loudly on your cell phone, do not provoke criminals. Beware!
  • If you have to use public transport late, sit closer to the driver. If any questionable passenger comes into the vehicle, do not react, do not turn around.
  • If some dubious people try to talk to you or even decent-looking ones, do not look them in the eye, do not let yourself speak.
  • Keep a spare wallet with a small amount, which could easily be given when a robbery.
  • Do not forget about the existing of personal alarm systems that can defend you, scare the criminal or at least attract the attention of other people.

How to avoid becoming a victim of rape and violence?

  • If you know that you have to go home at night, do not wear causing clothes, short skirts, deep neckline, do not put all the decorations that you have.
  • At night, do not go through dark doorways, parks, alleys; prefer illuminated and more or less populous areas.
  • You need to know the terrain and where the police is. It is your so-called security zone.
  • If you want to ride in a car with a driver who is not familiar to you, look at the license plate number, call your friends and tell them it.
  • If you have to pass a dark passage at night, it is better to go in a crowd of people. If there are no people, go on the roadway.
  • You can protect yourself in advance if you buy one of the best SOS personal alarm keychains that are so popular now.

How to protect the car against theft?

  • In the car, all the windows and doors should be closed permanently, even if you decide to leave the cabin for a few minutes.
  • Garage significantly reduces the risk of theft.
  • Well-kept and clean vehicle shows caring and attentive host, which comprehensively protects your car.
  • It is undesirable to leave inside the car in a visible place any items that represent a significant financial value. Their presence may provoke unscrupulous people to commit illegal actions with your car.
  • If it is necessary to leave your car in a special service for a few days, it is best to pass it with one key, all security systems must be transferred to the service mode.
  • Use electronic protection. Modern alarm systems guarantee effective protection.

Of course, it is just impossible to predict everything, but following this simple advice and using modern alarm systems, you will be able to protect yourself from criminal attacks. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!