Ladybug Attack Alarm Keychain

Ladybug Attack Alarm Keychain

Ladybug Attack Alarm Keychain


  • Design
  • Laud sound
  • Flashlight


  • None at this time

What we think

Thanks to its attractive design, it is especially suitable for women and children, but the rest can also use it! Its sound can be heard even at a far distance, so you do not need to cry for help in case of attack or some emergency.


A very loud alarm keychain. It can be used in any place where you can meet the danger (as on the bus, the subway, the elevator and other places). When you need help, pull the plug from the unit and the alarm signal can scare the tyrant, a bully or a thief. It is also useful to draw attention if necessary. You can carry it in your bag or wallet and it will remain unnoticed thanks to it stylish design.This alarm is also supplied with a flashlight that can help you in dark. The power of its sound is 130dB. Due to its really laud sound, it can be used indoors and outdoors.