iDaye Personal Alarm Keychain

iDaye Personal Alarm Keychain

iDaye Personal Alarm Keychain


  • Loud sound
  • Stylish design


  • None

What we think

This tiny stylish device is a real monster of sound. This is a very good present for women and children as it is not only useful but also attracts attention very effectively.


A very handy and useful thing, which is good for children, women, elderly, disabled. Small in size and weight, the siren will fit in any pocket of jackets, shirts, bags. Cases, where the use of this security alarm can save the lives of people in different situations, are numerous. Imagine that an old man became ill, fell, and no one is nearby. Another case, you are attacked, the alarm will help you to attract people’s attention, but this is not important, the sound of the siren itself suppress the psychological mood of the striker to continue the action. The sound emitted by a siren exceeds 120 dB! It is a low power consumption device. It is perfect as a handbag decoration.