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Best Stun Gun Guide for 2019: Top 6 Guns to Defend Yourself

When it comes to safety, you don’t want to limit yourself to being “too careful.” Instead, you’ll want to be ready for whatever troubles may come your way by purchasing the best stun gun. The best stun guns are safer than your traditional tasers, as they can be fired from a safer distance. You won’t have to get up close to a person, and you can harmlessly use the device and escort yourself to a safe place. With the best stun gun, you rest assured that you’ll have protection in a dangerous situation.

Answers Everybody Wants to Know: Stun Gun FAQ

Many confuse a stun gun with a taser, in fact, the two aren’t the same. There are many questions you may have about “how does a stun gun work?”, “what is the best stun gun to buy?”, and “which have the most impact?” We’ll introduce you to a quick guide that answers these questions and provides you with information to purchase the best stun gun on the market.

What is the Strongest Stun Gun?

The best stun guns range in voltage from thousands to millions of volts. The highest record for a stun gun packs almost 4.5 milliamps of volts into a person's body. However, this voltage level is not needed for protection. In fact, the high voltage can cause severe damage if used wrong and can even put someone's life in danger if used for too long.

Which Stun Gun is the Most Effective?

All of the stun guns on this list are verifiably effective and are excellent self defense products. However, any stun gun that has a very low voltage will not be that good for defending yourself. The whole point of a stun gun is literally to stun your opponent giving you enough time to get to safety. Having a low voltage may only cause them to pause for a moment, but still, end up able to move.

What is the Best Brand of Stun Gun?

If you want to go the extra mile and find a model that’s higher tier, we’d recommend using self defense items that are designed for police and other law enforcement officers. The best stun gun brands are ViperTek, Police and Guard dog which are known to be extremely reliable and effective.

What is the Best Voltage for a Stun Gun?

The voltage for stun guns rated as “effective” has to be at least 1 million volts. Anything below this level won’t be effective at stunning your target and may even fail to protect you in a dangerous situation.

Best Overall Product: Taser Pulse Stun Gun with 2 Cartridges

  • Subcompact Taser
  • Concealed design
  • Reaches 15 feet away
  • Immobilizes for 30 secs
  • Replaceable Batteries

The Taser Pulse is a high quality, high tech, subcompact shock gun that has been designed to be concealable when carried. The design features the same high voltage punch that other stun guns provide, but this one can be used for up to 15 feet away from a target. This provides you with an electric shock gun for safety which can be used at a distance. Once the weapon hits the target, they will become immobilized for 30 seconds, providing you with enough time to find a safe place.

Fastest-To-Use Product: Streetwise Sting Ring

  • Fast stuns
  • Concealed by hand
  • Rechargeable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited use

Unlike other stun guns on the market, the Streetwise sting ring functions as a concealed stun ring which can conveniently be placed in your hand, making it the best stun gun for self defense. Such specific stun guns are called stun knuckles or stun rings.

When it comes to protecting yourself, having a fast reaction can help to save your life. This stun gun can easily be activated, even when you’re in a panic. We found that the unit features a rechargeable cord which can plug into any wall outlet and will save you money when it comes to replacing the batteries. This stun gun is designed to defend and carries strong electrical currents which make it effective at stunning even the toughest of people. If you’re not completely satisfied or have issues with your model, the company offers you a lifetime warranty which can help you if any issues arise.

Best Snatch Prevention: ViperTek VTS-989 Stun Gun

  • LED flashlight
  • Small size
  • Snatch prevention
  • Ultra-sharp spikes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • No battery meter

The Vipertek 989 Stun Torch is a small compact stun gun which is able to deliver a high amount of voltage to its target. It features a powerful LED flashlight which can help illuminate your way through the dark. It has a convenient compact build with the dimensions 6.5x2x1 inch.

There is a non-slip rubber coating to stop the Vipertek VTS from slipping off your hands. Should anyone try and take it from you, there are shock plates located on the sides which also have a high voltage. Because some stun devices can be inconvenient, the VTS 989 features internal rechargeable batteries. The only downside is that there is no battery meter. You’ll find yourself having to charge and test it every time you go out.

Best Long-Lasting Battery: Terminator SGCPMC-980

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Battery charge indicator
  • LED flashlight
  • Cell phone stun gun
  • Weaker shocks

The Terminator SGCPMC 980 stunner is the best stun gun which includes a lifetime no-hassle replacement warranty. It features a long-lasting rechargeable battery that will last for five months. The battery charge indicator lets you know when the battery is low and you need to reload it. The unit has a blinding LED flashlight which provides you with light and warns attackers.

We found this model to be one of the most powerful cell phone stun guns on the market. One jolt from this and you’ll be bringing your attacker to their knees. It doesn’t even look like a stun gun, so it’s convenient to carry in your hand while walking.

Best Heavy-Duty Product: O-MEGA Star Warrior STUN GUN

  • Heavy-duty
  • Industrial quality
  • 360-degree shock
  • Stun baton
  • Bulky
  • Heavy

The O-MEGA Star Warrior Stun Gun is one of the best stun gun baton which has been industrialized. It’s one of the highest ranking stun guns out there that provides you with unique 360 range, guaranteeing that you won’t miss your attacker. It’s a heavy product and isn’t for the faint of heart. This unit is around 18 inches long and weighs a hefty 2.75 lbs.

You’ll have to replace the batteries when it dies. However, it’s one of the most popular self-defense weapons carried by policemen and other law enforcement officers. The entire shaft provides a high electric shock gun pulse when it comes in contact with your attacker. Just be careful to not touch yourself with it.

Best Compact Product: Police 800 Mini Stun Gun

  • Very compact
  • Small design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • LED flashlight
  • Not for emergencies

The Police 800 mini stun gun features a high voltage compact unit that can fit directly into your pocket, making it the best stun gun for women. Its dimensions are 2 x ⅞ x 4 inches, and it has a lightweight design. The internal rechargeable battery can quickly be charged for when you’re on the go. The unit includes a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your unit will be replaced or fixed if not working correctly.

We found that the exterior non-slip rubber coating prevents this small unit from being knocked out of your hands, and the powerful LED flashlight can help blind your attackers and helps illuminate your pathways. The only downside is that the switch takes a few seconds to turn on, so it’s not for emergency use. This is one of the best mini stun guns you’ll find.

Shock Gun Buying Guide – What to Look At?

When it comes to purchasing a stun gun, it’s best to be educated on what types of features are out there by reading best stun gun reviews. Having some knowledge about these systems allows you to make an informed choice of the device that fits your type of defense style. Here’s a detailed buying guide on what factors you should check when purchasing the best stun gun.


When it comes to best stun gun voltage requirements, three different elements come into play; amps, voltage, and resistance. Amps are the measurement of the electrical current present when the stun gun turns on. Voltage is the amount of the electrical pressure propelled through the stun gun. And lastly, resistance is the ability to block the amps from moving through an electrical conduit. Without these elements present, a stun gun could not be used safely, as it wouldn’t be able to direct the impact on an attacker.

Stun guns should only need a few amps to be successful in deterring an attacker from coming any closer. When a stun gun produces too many amps, there is the possibility that the attacker could end up dead. So, it’s important to consider this factor.

When it comes to voltage, the higher the voltage, the more effective the stun gun is going to be when it comes to defending yourself. Higher voltage results in the stun gun are actually stunning the attacker for more than a few seconds. If done correctly, you should see the attacker go down for at least 30 seconds or longer. This will provide you with enough time to escape and find help.

Type of Stun Gun

There are multiple types of stun guns, so it’s essential that you pick one that is suitable for your defense style. What is the best stun gun to buy? They can range from small to big, heavy to lightweight, concealed or unconcealed. It’s important to remember also that some stun guns require shorter ranges, which means you’ll have to be closer to your attacker to stun them properly.

Here is a short list of the different types of stun guns available on the market:

  • Baton Stun Guns – shaped like a baton, this provides you with 360-degree contact and comes in handy when dealing with an attacker up close.
  • Flashlight Stun Gun – these are close range weapons that are meant to be used to blind your attacker as you stun them, providing you with more time to get away and hopefully get the advantage.
  • Cell Phone Stun Gun – these types often are very small and compact and require the minimum distance between you and an attacker. They make the best small stun gun which can easily be concealed and won’t alert your attacker than you have a stun gun ready for them.
  • Regular Stun Gun – these are your standard looking stun guns which you need to hold to use. They often feature non-slip gripping, rechargeable batteries, and high voltages.


Having extra features can make or break the best rated stun gun. There are various amounts of features on the market, so being aware of the choices comes in handy when you’re deciding to purchase one. Here is a quick list of just some of the available stun gun features on the market today:

  • Flashlight – provides you with a bright LED light which can either be used as a guiding light or as a way to help blind your attacker when they’re up close.
  • Alarm – some alarms create a huge amount of sound and can help attract the attention of any on-goers. This is important if you’re in the city, as attackers are deterred from drawing much attention to them.
  • Disable pin – This stun pens self defense allows you to control when the stun gun can be turned on and when it can be turned off. This is an extra safety feature that is helpful for those who are just learning how to use one. This prevents any accidental shocks from going off in the off chance that you pressed the taser button when you didn’t mean to.

Local Regulations

Before you go out and get your first stun gun, you may want to research your local regulations. Nine different states have banned the possession and sale of stun guns. If you live in one of those areas, then you can potentially put yourself in a position where you could be charged with assault, even if it’s just for you’re using the best self defense stun gun. Don’t take the risk and turn yourself into the attacker.


Stun guns are almost always used in emergency situations, and that means you should invest in a high-quality model that is reliable. So, what is the best stun gun? Having a faulty connection or stun gun can mean life or death. If you’re ever in a situation that calls for a stun gun, be sure to have a high-quality model.

Low-quality stun guns can not only be dangerous for your attacker, but also for yourself. They can malfunction, stop working, and even release the wrong amount of voltage and result in major injuries.

Best Stun Gun 2019 Final Advice

Knowing that you have protection against an attacker can help you relax in certain situations. You’ll be able to safely defend yourself, your friends, or your family when you’re out and about. This can come in real handy if you find your attacker tries to get up close and personal with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to defense, the best stun gun is one of the easiest methods of defense to learn. Instead of taking hours of self defense lessons, or training how to carry a firearm, having the best stun gun 2019 can provide you with enough protection to ensure you’ll have enough time to make it to safety.

When purchasing your first best stun gun 2019, always consider the factors we’ve mentioned. The most important one that we will continue to highlight is that quality matters. It may seem tempting to go for the cheaper end models, but in times of need, you may regret that decision. You don’t want to be caught off guard and defenseless, thus putting yourself in even more danger. Having a high quality reliable best stun gun can prevent an accident from turning into a horrible situation.

While there are many excellent stun guns on the market, our best stun gun 2019 would have to be the Taser Pulse Stun Gun with 2 Cartridges. This device is recommended for rookies, as you can safely fire the stun gun from up to 15 feet away from your attacker. Use it in emergency situations and stop your attacker from quickly progressing towards you or your loved ones. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn a bit more about the world of stun guns and how they can provide you with the protection you need.