Best Stun Gun for Women

Best Stun Gun for Women in 2019 | Top 10 Extended Reviews

Sometimes people tend to attack women because they know that it will be easy to overpower a woman. As a result, there is the need to get some protection such as using stun guns for women. With many options on the market, sometimes a guide can help you find the best stun gun for women. It is the reason we offer you this amazing buying guide on finding the best stun gun for women.

If live in a risky neighborhood, you will need a weapon to stay safe. Women are soft targets of intruders and attackers; hence many of them are constantly looking for the best stun gun for women. Stun guns are nothing but self-preservation weapons which help women stop the assailant and quickly escape. Such products are aimed at security purposes. One can find different types of products on the market, but few of them are in the best stun gun for women category. These best tasers for women boast different capacities and capabilities. We researched to find the best stun gun for women on the market. So, you can always be sure any that you choose from this list will work great.

Top 10 Best Stun Guns for Women Compared and Reviewed

Notable Features
Powerful punch – 6 million volts
18 million volts, Rechargeable + 12V
Micro size LED flashlight, Non-slip rubber coating

Best Stun Gun Overall: Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

  • 6 million volts
  • Convenient
  • Ease of use
  • No instructions

This is definitely one of the best options on the market right now. It stands out as the best stun gun for women and this makes it possible for people to consider getting it right now for themselves.

We found that it is also a compact stun gun, but it is able to deliver 6 million volts. It’s extremely powerful and can easily paralyze and exterminate the attacker. Being small, it is going to be easy to conceal in your hand. Do not let the small size fool you as it still packs an impressive punch that should make it ideal for many people. It is small but very lethal, and it comes with an attractive price tag.

Best for Compact Size: Rechargeable Monster Stun Gun Flashlight

  • Sounds fierce
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Nylon holster
  • The LED light could be brighter

This is still a good option when it comes to picking the best stun gun for women. It does work great when it comes to fending off the attacker. The sound is also fierce to make a person think twice about attacking you, packing capacity of 18 million volts.

Another thing is that it is so easy to operate. This should drive more people to get it as it is not complicated. You get it has the on/off safety switch. This is important to prevent accidental discharge. There is no doubt that you are going to love the built-in LED flashlight. This helps to illuminate the various places. Another good thing is that it also features a convenient nylon holster. This allows for ease of carrying it around, being among the best stun gun for woman. It’s rechargeable with a slide out 120v plug.

Best for Concealing: VIPERTEK VTS-881 Stun Gun

  • Powerful stun gun
  • Compact
  • Bright LED light
  • The setup turns accidentally on stun mode

To be among the best stun gun for women, we get to see that this one is also a nice option for you to consider. You can get it right now knowing that it is going to work great like other best tasers for women. We found that the best part about this product should be that it comes with a powerful LED flashlight. With its compact size and the non-slip rubber coating, it’s a reliable self-defense gun.

The model has an impressive rechargeable battery. It is going to work great for those who need to use it at a moment’s notice without having to worry about buying expensive batteries. As a result, you should find it is quite the best taser for women on the market right now. One downside is the way the switch is set up. It goes like this: OFF -> Light -> Stun mode -> Button to stun. An issue with this is that to start the stun mode, one has to switch through the light mode. Therefore, you might not be able to nonchalantly activate the stun without getting the bright light. However, its powerful effectiveness is indisputable.

Best for Loud Siren: Police TW11 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

  • Deep finger grip
  • Built-in LED
  • Built-in charger
  • Loud siren
  • Bulky

This is another good alternative among the best stun guns for women. This is a heavy-duty product which features the deep finger grips. We discovered that this gives you more control and ease of use as compared to the other designs. Most importantly, it offers the ultimate confidence whenever you are walking or driving in a risky neighborhood. It always takes less than a second to attack the assailant and escape.

You will also find it has the best in terms of being loud. This makes it possible for it to alert more people. The siren from the stun gun will also scare the attacker. The product still features the built-in LED. The built-in charger is definitely great to ensure versatility, making it among the best personal tasers woman can buy!

Best for Stopping Power: StreetWise Ladies Choice

  • 21 million volts
  • Rechargeable
  • Amazing grip
  • Bad design

For those who are looking for a top performance product, then this is another great choice. It is one of the best stun gun for women thanks to the impressive amount of power that it packs, 21 million volts to be more precise. The design of this device is amazing, offering a great grip. It's great for any kind of situations and offers a nice bright light. However, we discovered that you must keep it charged; the light dims when the batteries are almost empty, and the taser won't work.

Since it is also rechargeable, you will not have to think of getting yourself new batteries all the time. This taser gun for women also features an alarm and flashlight. As a result, it is going to be great to give you the best in terms of versatility.

Best for Tough Design: SABRE Concealable Stun Gun

  • Good stopping power
  • Touch design
  • Easy to carry
  • Feels cheaply made

Looking for the best stun gun for women? Stop right here for a moment. Sabre is a fantastic stun gun which allows you to easily harm the attacker and run away. With a great design and excellent grip, you will love this womens taser strong stopping power compared to the other options on the market. There is no doubt you will love the fact that it works great just as the manufacturer claims. This is better, unlike those girl self defense products that barely work great.

You will find these best self defense women stun gun comes with a touch design. The compact size is also good to ensure that it is going to work great for portability. It’s one of the best rated stun gun woman products.

Best for Charge Power: RBS Emporium Stun Gun Flashlight

  • Heavy duty
  • Powerful
  • Multiple accessories
  • Expensive

When it comes to looking for the best performance stun gun, then this is also a good option, although it is not a self defense ring for women, but a flashlight. It features the 7,000,000-volt stun gun power. Note that this is not one of those cheap tasers for women; it’s a heavy duty gun that can be very lethal.

This girl taser also doubles up as a good flashlight. It is going to be great for versatility so that you can use it in different places without much of a problem. The ear piercing siren is going to be good for keeping the attacker away. With more people notified, even the attacker will lack confidence. Plus, it offers a clip-on for ease of use and a carry case. Adding the rechargeable battery to the equation, we get an easy to use product which is among the best self defense weapons for women.

Best for LED Light: VIPERTEK VTS-880

  • 30 million volts
  • Ease of use
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • None for the features

Even if it is compact, this is still a good small taser for women thanks to the power that it packs. Rated at 30 million volts, the noise and flash of the electrical arc produced are simply amazing.

To make it the best stun gun for women, you also find it having the best-LED flashlight. The LED is adequate enough to see anything in a dark alley. When you turn off the "safety" by sliding the thumb switch up, one can test the initial "scare factor" by simply energizing the stun gun for a 1 second. Instructions state to not turn it on for more than a second as damage may occur. We assume this is only in non-self-defense use, and not in case of an attack.

There is no doubt you will also love the impressive internal rechargeable battery of this personal stun gun woman product. You will simply have to recharge it rather than buying the expensive batteries.

Best for Powerful Stuns: SABRE Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Self-Defense Kit

  • Impressive 10-foot stopping power
  • 120 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Free training videos
  • Bad durability

Looking for the best rated stun gun for women? This woman taser is going to be great when it comes to delivering on extremely painful stunning power. It brings an impressive 1.60 µC charge which offers intolerable pain. It boasts a 10-foot (3 m) range and 25 bursts. For a long time, you will feel comfortable, when you have the best stopping power. It is the reason you might want to get this best stun gun for women.

The product works great as personal tasers for women. The package also has training videos to help you train on how to use it. This best stun gun for a woman boasts interesting functionalities. The company claims that their product eliminates the 30% failure rate recorded with other brands (referencing a University of Utah study).

Best Ring Stun Gun: Streetwise Sting Ring for Women

  • 18 million volts
  • Concealing is easy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Expensive

Looking for the best home defense gun for a woman? This is definitely a good option for you to consider getting today. The Streetwise Sting Ring boasts 18 million volts of power and makes a reliable self-defense product.

It is going to work great and delivers on the best performance as compared to the others on the market. It does come with the squeeze and stun technology. To be the best tasers for women, you also find it is easy to conceal by your hand due to its design. We found that it is also rechargeable and the battery is long-lasting. Most customers love the fact that the non-slip grip offers them confidence in all situations, with the over the knuckle design helping in preventing the attacker from taking the device.

Buying Guide: What to Look at While Buying a Personal Taser for Women?

Now that you know more about the top products on the market, it will be great for you to consider a few factors to end up with the best stun gun for women. Let us get to look at some of the best ladies stun gun buying tips.

The Voltage

The most important thing you have to look for in the best stun guns for women is the voltage. The high voltage means that you can have the current pass through the different layers of clothing that the attacker might be wearing. The loud and crackling sound will definitely make the attacker think twice about attacking you again.

The Design

Since the female defense products come from different brands, you can also expect that the design is going to be different. You would want to get a model that offers the best stun gun design. The design should allow you to have an easy time working great as compared to the others on the market. Some designs also help with disguising or carrying of the stun gun around.


Well, this is going to be a nice feature to have. The flashlight is going to help with visibility as compared to the others that might lack the feature. If the product has a flashlight, make sure that the flashlight is actually bright.


Having the alarm is also a nice feature. The moment you press the button on the device, it will let out a loud alarm. The alarm is definitely important to make sure that people around you are alerted. Even the attacker will be scared after hearing the alarm. The alarm can be considered among the mini tasers woman products.

Best Stun Gun for Women. Final Advice

From the list of the best stun gun for women above, it is easy to see that there are many options available. You will always be able to pick a product that works great for you as compared to the many others on the market. The best stun guns for women are all about giving you the protection you have always wanted. Go ahead and get one for yourself so that you can keep using it for better protection.

Now, you might be thinking what the best stun gun for women is based on our research! The Guard Dog Security Hornet Keychain stun gun is seen to be the best on overall basis. Every member of our team loved it! This is because it packs a powerful punch as compared to the others on the market. You will also enjoy the fact that it is within the affordable price range so that you can buy it without spending a lot. It is also a very compact stun gun. As a result, it is going to be easy to conceal in your hand. The small size should not fool you as it still packs an incredible punch that should make it ideal for many people to consider it as the best stun gun for women. It is also among the best tasers for women since it comes with a powerful built-in LED flashlight.