Best Stun Gun Flashlight

7 Best Stun Gun Flashlights to Feel Safe in 2019 (Reviews)

The best stun gun flashlight is the most popular type of stun guns. This is understandable - a torch and a shocker at the same time. With the best stun gun flashlight you do not have to walk in pitch darkness, that is, the risk factor is already decreasing due to this. A powerful light beam is an additional weapon - you can first blind the enemy with a flashlight, and then hit him with a shocker.

The variety of best stun gun flashlights is diverse and, depending on the characteristics of the models and the specificity of demand, they find application in various fields. Larger models work in protection, drivers prefer multifunctional flashlights, and there is no need to talk about women's sympathies. The best stun gun flashlight should be not only functional but also stylish for them. Do not forget about such categories as cyclists and runners, tourists and just summer residents - for all these groups of consumers it is better to use the best stun gun torch.

What Is the Best Voltage for the Best Stun Gun Flashlight?

The voltage of such devices can be different. The optimal one can be considered from 2 million volts and more.

What Is the Strongest Stun Gun?

There is a great variety of voltage levels when it comes to stun guns. The voltage of some models can start from a couple of thousands of volts and reach up to millions. The strongest Stun Gun Flashlight in this review is VIPERTEK VTS-195.

What Is the Best Brand of Stun Gun?

There are many brands, which produce high-quality stun guns. Among the best ones are Police, Guard Dog, Vipertek and Monster.

What Is the Best Stun Gun for Self Defense?

The best flashlight taser has enough voltage to immobilize a person and a powerful flashlight that can not only shine brightly in the dark but also blind the enemy if necessary.

Best Flashlight Tasers: Top 7 Compared and Reviewed

5.8 ounces
Heavy-duty aluminum
16 million
14.4 ounces
Heavy-duty aluminum
10 million

Best Overall: Monster FlashFire Stun Gun

  • Cloves for extra protection;
  • Built-in security mode;
  • Loud enough;
  • Stylish design;
  • Low price;
  • No USB port;
  • Using a flashlight very quickly discharges battery power;

The leader of our list is the best stun gun flashlight from the Monster brand. This torch with a taser will give you the necessary resource for self-defense.

This best stun gun flashlight is compact enough and easy to manage. This device turns on literally from your one touch, which is incredibly convenient in stressful and dangerous situations. Despite the fact that this best flashlight stun gun is very high quality, it costs very little money. Therefore, you get a very high-quality product for self-defense and save your money. It is really the best option on the market.

Best Materials: VIPERTEK VTS-T03 Stun Gun

  • Strong product;
  • Made of good materials;
  • Stylish and compact;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Strong shocker;
  • Many users say in torch stun gun reviews, that device often breaks down;
  • First, it is a flashlight and not a shocker;

The VIPERTEK brand is quite famous in the world because it produces high-quality flashlights, shockers and many other attributes for self-defense.

As for this Vipertek stun gun flashlight, it is of sufficient quality. This option is made of very good materials; it has a very strong shocker that your opponents will not like, because the effect will be strong. It is worth noting that this best flashlight stun gun is very compact and they simply control that any user will like.

As for the price, we all know that quality costs money, so this device is a bit more expensive than other positions in the market.

However, it is not very expensive and affordable and has only the stun gun flashlight reviews.

Best Style: Guard Dog Inferno

  • You can choose a color;
  • High voltage;
  • Child protection lever;
  • Sold with a case;
  • Rechargeable battery;
  • Some users claim that the flashlight is rather weak;

This best taser flashlight is also one of the best options for self-defense. It is quite strong, and the built-in flashlight of 200 lumens is of sufficient quality.

The power of this option is 2 volts. Here you will find a rechargeable battery that is convenient to charge.

As for the benefits, this best taser flashlight has a special safety switch that will help to protect it from children and premature battery discharge.

The manufacturer promises to replace this best stun gun flashlight if you find flaws in it. You can buy this flashlight in several colors pink and black, so both men and women will like it.

This torch stun gun is also comfortable to wear on a cord.

Best Power of the Flashlight: Police 305 Flashlight Taser

  • Bright flashlight;
  • High power;
  • Safety switch;
  • Rechargeable battery;
  • Compact and stylish design;
  • Since this device is made of plastic, it may break or crack;

Consider the best flashlight taser of Police brand. This professional taser torch takes maximum responsibility for your safety without any problems.

This is a very powerful shocker and quite a bright LED flashlight. Police torch taser is made of durable plastic. Therefore, Police stun gun flashlight is very light and durable. As for the power of the flashlight, it is quite powerful and has the ability to blind the enemy.

Here you will find a rechargeable battery. Stylish design and compactness will allow you to wear Police torch stun gun, as you are comfortable.

Best for Powerful Shocker: SABRE LED Flashlight &Tactical Stun Gun

  • Strength;
  • Good price;
  • The ideal companion for self-defense;
  • High power shocker;
  • To harm someone, it is imperative to touch the enemy.
  • Weak flashlight;

Sabre stun gun flashlight is incredibly powerful and will become your great companion for self-defense. It can cause serious damage to your opponent, so this torch with stun gun is very popular.

This best flashlight taser is very durable and can cause great pain. It has a LED flashlight with three modes of operation: high, low and a strobe light.

As for the benefits, this led torch taser can be worn on the wrist, like a bracelet. You can also wear this product in a holster or on a belt, which is very comfortable.

Best of the Stun Gun Torches for Women: Guard Dog Electra Lipstick

  • Invisible and compact best torch taser;
  • Very high quality LED flashlight;
  • Perfect for women;
  • You need to charge it every time;
  • In order to turn on the torch, you must hold the button. Some users tell in their stun gun flashlight reviews that it is not convenient sometimes;

If you want to buy the best stun gun flashlight, that will be minimally visible to other people, pay attention to this model. This perfect device will be a great companion for any woman in her purse because it looks like lipstick.

As for power, here you will find 3,000,000 volts. Access to the shocker is very fast - you just have to press the button, removing the protective cap.

This pink stun gun torch is sold complete with a rechargeable battery and is considered one of the taser torch pink that now exists on the market.

It is worth noting the high quality of this best flashlight stun gun, which blinds the enemy and gives you another added advantage.

Best Durability of Materials: VIPERTEK VTS-195 Flashlight Stun Gun

  • Powerful enough;
  • Loud and strong sound;
  • Made from quality materials;
  • Hard enough;
  • Poor quality cord;
  • The charge lamp does not go out after a full charge. This causes the risk that the device may break.

Another good Vipertek flashlight taser of good quality, which has a large capacity of 3000 lumens. This best torch taser will be exactly responsible for your safety and will protect you if necessary.

This option is made of durable aluminum and has a stylish design.

Here you will find a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged once or twice a month.

Remember that you cannot charge the battery more than it consumes, because it can cause damage to the device.

Vipertek taser torch is a reliable and powerful device, which will suit everyone. However, someone tells that option can break down sometimes.

Best Stun Gun Flashlight Buying Guide - What to Look At?

However, in order to buy a device it is correct to pay attention to several aspects:

  • The power of the device. The more is the power the better is for you. The rechargeable taser torch is able to break through many layers of clothing, and it will deduce the opponent more quickly. In addition, for a longer time.
  • Why do you buy a device and who will use it. Models that are more compact will suit women and children, it is ideal to choose the best taser flashlight. Men like more weighty devices.
  • The size of the shock device. There is a matter of taste – someone likes small and inconspicuous shockers, but with them, you need to approach the offender closely. If you choose a shocker with a long handle then you cannot let the attacker close to him.
  • Characteristics of the flashlight. Optimally choose a stun gun flashlight with a powerful LED, which is able to work in several modes. New models are often equipped with a special lens that helps regulate the diameter of the light flux.
  • Color and shape. This is also a matter of taste, but these parameters of the best flashlight taser do not affect its effectiveness.
  • Additional functions. For example, fuse, siren, laser. These useful little things will simplify self-defense.
  • Read stun gun flashlight reviews because it will give you all the necessary information about how concrete option works in real life.

Best Stun Gun Flashlight. Final Advice

The best stun gun flashlight is your reliable protector in any situation. Such best flashlight taser performs two roles simultaneously.

The best stun gun flashlight is both a torch that illuminates the darkness and a shocker that can save you from an attack.

You need to choose the best stun gun flashlight with full responsibility, guided by reviews and functional characteristics.

The leader of our rating is the Monster shocker. This best stun gun flashlight is very high quality, powerful, easy to use and reliable.