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5 Best Smoke Detectors to Feel Safe in 2019 (Reviews)

When it comes to protecting your home, there’s no better way than to make sure you install the best smoke detector. Fire hazards are the most common in the garage or kitchen, and if you don’t have the necessary detector, then you're putting your home at risk. Catching a fire before it starts is key to preventing it from spreading and causing major damage. The best smoke detector can help detect the first signs of a fire, even before they start.

What Is It?

The best smoke detectors are an electric device which is often secured to the ceiling around your home and works to detect chemicals, smoke, or changes in the air. They are powered by an electrical current from either a hardwired system or by a battery. All units are different and provide different levels of sensitivity to help detect different types of smokes or chemicals in the air. Either way, if the sensor picks up any particles that shouldn’t be in the air such as smoke or carbon monoxide, the system will be set off, and the alarm will sound.

Why You Need This Product

These products are critical when it comes to detecting a fire before it grows. We’ve all witnessed oil burning or food in the microwave starting to burn. Even if you left a frying pan and forgot to check up on it, a smoke detector could give you a reminder that a fire is about to break out. To prevent your home and to allow you to put it out before any significant damage occurs, it’s essential to have the best smoke detector 2019.

Which Type Of Smoke Detector Is Best?

For home protection, there are two varieties of this product. The first best type is called a photoelectric detector, and it works to find smoldering fires that emit a lot of smoke. The seconds type of detector is an ionization detector, and this works for finding fires with high amounts of flames rather than smoke. Mainly, both of these types of detectors can be useful in your home. The major difference is where you put them.

What Are The Best Smoke Detectors To Buy?

The best smoke detectors to buy are ones that have been updated and include a whole host of features that make it more convenient to control and get alerts. An easy way to find out what the best model is by reading smoke detector reviews. The positive smoke detector reviews will help you determine which units are worth it. Keep reading to find the best smoke detector brand.

Where Smoke Detectors Should Be Placed?

The best top rated smoke detectors should be placed all over your home. It’s important to understand that fires don’t just occur from the kitchen or garage, but also from other areas as well. A candle being too close to some tissues or a wall, or a spark from a plug can ignite a flame and start a fire. That’s why you should place it in every room to your home. This will be the most effective way to detect the start of a fire.

How Many Smoke Detectors Should You Have In Your House?

According to The National Fire Protection Association, an average two-story home should at least have a minimum of five smoke alarms if not more. The reason for this is that there should be one installed in every room, even outside in the hallways. That’s why there’s no set number on how many you need.

Top 5 Best Smoke Detectors Compared & Reviewed

Best Feature
Voice Compatibility
Low Battery Indicator
Wired smoke & co detector
2 years
Phone Alerts
Alexa compatible
3 years
Amazon Alexa
Low battery indicator
5 years

Best Voice Alarm: Nest Protect

  • Split spectrum detection
  • Linked systems
  • Voice alarm & notification
  • Expensive

The Nest Protect is one of the best rated smoke detectors. It Features both smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and consistently checks the air safety up to 400 times a day. It’s known as a smart detector because it sends alerts to an application on your phone that way you can turn the alarm off from wherever you are. It features split spectrum smoke detection which uses photoelectricity.

This, in turn, helps eliminate radioactive materials in the air and allows the detector only to detect smoke. All of the sensors are linked together and will all sound an alarm, and this can be useful just in case you don’t hear it. When smoke is detected, instead of a blaring siren you will hear a human voice signaling that there is a hazard. The only downside to this product is that it is very expensive but well worth the investment.

  • Smart device
  • Self sufficient
  • Connectable
  • Only compatible w/ Apple products

Another best model on our list is the First Alert Onelink. This model is a smart alarm system which is able to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide that's lingering in the air. If you’ve ever worried that your detector would run out of batteries and stop working, then that is a thing of the past. This detector is installed with an extended lifespan battery that can last for ten years. The system can be connected to Apple’s HomeKit or by using Onelink alarm. All alter will be sent to your home, and you’ll have full control over what to do. The self-efficient system performs up to 400 checks a day to ensure that there’s no risk. All of the systems are interconnectable and don’t have to bother with rewiring the whole system. The only downside we’ve found is that it’s only compatible with an iOS device.

Best Budget: Kidde KN-COSM-BA

  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Loud
  • Powered by batteries

The next detector on our list is the Kidde KN-COSM-BA Detector. This model detects both smoke and carbon monoxide and is one of the best-praised detectors with almost all positive smoke detector reviews. First off, this detector is very reasonably priced and can protect your home from catching fire. It’s effortless to install because you don't need to wire any of the units. To install all just open the box and place it where you want. What’s good about this detector is that it’s deafening, that way you can’t miss it if you’re across the room or have your headphones on. The only downside we’ve seen with this product is that the batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Best Dual Sensor: First Alert BRK 3120B

  • Dual sensor
  • One touch silencer
  • Multi pack
  • Very basic

The next top smoke detectors on our list is the First Alert BRK 3120B. It features a dual sensor system that’s able to detect both carbon monoxide and smoke. This is one of the best and the most reliable models because it has a backup battery to help ensure that the system is always working. It’s a photoelectric sensor which is fast detecting at both raging fires and slow burns. It features one-touch silencing, which means it's easy to control. The only downside we’ve seen is that it’s very basic and doesn’t have any app compatibility, voice, or remote monitoring.

Best Interconnectivity: Kidde i4618 Firex

  • Affordable
  • Interconnectivity
  • False Alarm Control
  • Only Compatible w/ Current Model

The last best smoke and carbon monoxide detector on our list is the Kidde i4618 Firex. With this product, you’ll be getting an interconnectable system which has the capacity to connect to twenty-four different units. You’ll be able to connect detectors even from different brands, which allows you to customize your setup. The detector itself is very affordable and will enable you to purchase multiple for your home. It also has a false alarm system which silences it if there’s no issue. The only downside is that it’s only compatible with current models.

Types of Best Smoke Detectors

Types of Smoke Detectors

When it comes to the best product, three different kinds have been developed. The first is called ionization detectors, the second photoelectric, and the third dual-sensors, which is a mix between the two. Each of these sensors scans for different types of molecules left in the air by either chemicals, fires, etc. Knowing what each of them does can help you decide where they should be installed inside your home.

Ionization Smoke Alarms

Ionized smoke work to detect molecules emitted by smoke from either flames or smoldering fires. These best models have minimal amounts of a chemical called Americium 241 which is a radioactive chemical. They are located between two plates that have been electrically charged. These plate work to conduct a current between both of the plates and when any particles from smoke enter between them, the alarm is activated. Often times, burnt food, kitchen fires, and even stream from the shower can cause the alarm to be set off, so it’s best not to place it too close to those areas.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric models work by a light which is pointing towards a sensor chamber, and when smoke reaches this area, the alarm will go off. These best types of smoke detectors are suitable for smoldering fires, visible flames, and even grease fires. As long as there is enough smoke to detect, the sensor will go off. It’s likely you won’t have as many false alarm, but it could be set off if you don’t clean the unit out every now and then.

Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms

A dual sensor alarm has both of the detectors built into the system. When it comes to detection, both alarm systems will have to be triggered in order for the alarm to go off. However, some models only require one of these sensors to activate, and it just depends on the company. You’ll find that there are going to be more false alarms.

Best Smoke Detector Buying Guide - What To Look At?

When it comes to purchasing a good item, it’s best not to skimp on quality. While it may seem tempting to buy a low end and affordable model, the issue is that these are not as reliable and can potentially die within just a few months. Why invest in a detector that isn’t even going to work? To help you choose the best smoke detector, we’ve created a buying guide which demonstrates what factors make the best smoke detector 2019.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Here are the features you should consider when you’re choosing the best smoke detector.

Power Source

The power source is essential to pay attention to because it will determine if you need to recharge or replace the batteries. For most smoke detectors, they often run on batteries that have backup batteries already instead. However, the best hard wired smoke detectors are continuously powered and ensure that there won’t be any malfunctioning with the battery. Battery alarms are much easier to install as they don’t require you to hook up any wires, but they need to be replaced every few months. It’s easy to forget to swap them out, which can be very risky.


Interconnectability refers to the alarms ability to connect with other types of sensors through either wireless smoke detectors or by wire. This can either be multiple smoke alarms throughout your home or have extra carbon monoxide detectors. It’s important to have in larger homes as it will help notify you when one alarm goes off. So many homeowners don’t hear the first beeping of an alarm because they have the TV on, are in the shower, or have headphones on. That’s why by connecting them all the alarms will go off and alert you if there’s a problem.

Silence Button

We can not begin to tell you how useful it is to have a silence button. Not only is it annoying to shut off an alarm that keeps going off, but also is set off very often when there’s no emergency at all. A silence button allows you to one-touch click, and all alarms will shut off. Newer best models of smoke alarms include smart alarms that connect to your phone, giving you a notification and control over what to do.

Light Alarms

Other best alarms included are light alarms which will not only blink but flash LED lights around the room. These are often useful if you’re placing it in a dark space, such as the garage. While these aren’t needed, it’s a useful feature for identifying where the smoke alarm is located.

Digital CO Display

The last feature for the best smoke detector is a Digital CO display. A majority of CO detectors come with a screen that can display the different levels of oxygen, CO, etc. that’s in your home. Why are these useful? Because in the chance that you’re away and there’s a small spike in chemicals the display will record that it happened and you’ll be able to check at a later time.

The Best Smoke Detector: Final Advice

Having the best smoke detector is vital to every home to keep it safe and protected from potential harm. At a moments notice a fire to break out, and you’d have no idea unless it happened right in front of you. Sometimes life gets the best of us, so having a reliable smoke detector system can help notify us if there’s anything wrong. Imagine leaving a curling iron on, food on the stove, or even an electrical spark setting flame to your home. If you were in a different room, you might not even notice that the fire is spreading. The best smoke detector can help you detect the littlest of smoke at a moment's notice.

However, it's not recommended to go out and purchase the first cheaply priced model you see. While we’d like to say that every model is built the same, they aren’t. That’s why it’s important to choose the best smoke detectors on the market. By doing so, you can have a reliable and connected alarm system that notifies you if there are unusual levels of smoke or carbon monoxide. Just be sure to go over our buying guide for the best smoke detector 2019. We’ve put in research from smoke detector reviews and work to find the top rated smoke detectors.

As we near the end of the article we’d like to take a moment and choose just one off our list as being the best smoke detector. The First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector is an excellent model because it has all the features you’d want in the best smoke detector. It’s a self-sufficient model that not only is compatible with smart devices but also can be linked together. You will have full control over the system through your phone, which makes it an excellent modern smoke detector. Hopefully, this article has helped you chose the best item that is right for your home.