Best Pepper Spray Gun

Best Pepper Spray Gun in 2019: Top 8 Pepper Spays for Self Defence

There is the need to get some of the most effective ways for defense. Looking for the best pepper spray gun on the market seems obvious. While some go for self-defense classes, some search the best pepper spray gun on the market. The good thing about spray guns is that you do not need any training since you have to point and shoot.

We have been going through the various types of pepper spray guns on the market to find the best you can enjoy using. It is the reason we have come up with the list below. You will now be in a position to make up your mind better knowing which the best pepper spray gun is.

The list below highlights the best pepper spray guns in 2019. As a result, it is now time to pick your self-defense to use on overall. Let’s check our pepper spray gun reviews!

TOP 8 Best Pepper Spray Gun Products Compared and Reviewed

Notable Features
Good range, No blowback
13 feet
2 shots
Impressive range, All-in-one kit
150 feet
20 rounds
Maximum stopping power, Great value
10 feet
5 bursts
Hot pepper formula, UV dye, Power stream spray pattern
20 feet
7 bursts
Ease of use, Durable, No batteries
23 feet
2 shots

Best for Overall: Kimber Pepper Blaster

  • It can fire fast
  • Good design
  • Great grip
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Only delivers two shots

This is among the best pepper spray guns for having good performance. First of all, you get that it has the capability to blast out the pepper spray up to 13 feet in the shortest time.

This best pepper spray gun is also good when it comes to directing it towards the target. All you have to do now is point and shoot. Even if the assailant is wearing eyeglasses or ski masks, you get that it is possible to deal with them. The handle used in this pistol boasts an ergonomic grip which has its both front and rear sights so that the attacker is not able to move. With a very powerful pepper mixture, the gun can anticipate the attacker for more than thirty minutes.

The gun is not reusable, so once you have discharged two shots, you have to replace them. With the pepper coming out of the gun at 90mph, it should be good to reduce changes of a blowback. Most Kimber Pepper Spray Gun reviews prove this is a great product.

Best for Long Shooting Distance: Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

  • 150 ft shooting distance
  • It is accurate in its shots
  • Effective even in imperfect shots
  • Expensive

This is another best pepper spray gun on the market right now. It has good functionality according to numerous salt gun reviews. You find it coming in the form of a kit which ensures you never have to worry about buying anything extra case or box. The kit contains a lockable case, a user manual, one magazine, and ten practice rounds. It’s one of the best non lethal guns.

Also, many find it is quite easy and convenient to use even for beginners. This is thanks to having less complicated procedures on how to use it. In the end, you are going to have an easy time even hitting targets 150ft away. A big advantage here is that, in the case that there is an imperfect shot, the opposite in defense person will not be able to escape, as even an imperfect shot can generate temporary blindness or breathing difficulties. X2 rounds are filled with tear gas and with nonlethal powdered pepper spray, which can lead to temporary blindness. Hopefully, this salt supply gun review will help you!

Best for Reloadable Bursts: Ruger Pepper Spray Gun

  • Can deliver on powerful shots
  • Powerful cone
  • Five reloadable bursts
  • A few cases of misfiring

Another best pepper spray gun from Ruger. It is an affordable gun that is more convenient compared to other models on the market. You can now be sure to remain protected even if you are on a budget. The gun comes with an impressive cartridge that contains five reloadable bursts. This is better, unlike other guns which you cannot reuse once the bursts are over.

The gun comes with a 10-feet range that guarantees 100% safety. Using it, you can be absolutely sure to deliver a complete facial coverage due to its powerful cone. It also comes with a UV marking dye that will leave an invisible marker for identifying the suspect in the end.

Best for LED Strobe: Mace Pepper Spray Gun

  • It will come with a practice cartridge
  • Sprays over a long distance
  • Has LED strobe mode
  • Seven bursts
  • Heavy trigger pull for the first sprays

This is another quality Mace gun which has been on the market for a while. This best pepper spray gun is all about giving the user the best performance on overall. It delivers a strong spray to keep the attacker away. Also, the intense burning sensation should be enough to deal with assailants. Another top feature is that you can replace the spray when it finishes. This means that you get to end up with the best value and every Mace gun review confirms this fact.

What is good is that you can shoot the spray to a distance of 20 feet away, and we’ve found that it can dispense seven sprays. It boasts a 10 percent OC pepper formula created from hot peppers to guarantee top results. This Mace brand pepper gun includes a Picatinny rail that helps to connect any additional accessories you might want. You will love the fact that it does feature LED strobe light. This is important to let you know when the trigger is activated.

Best for Coverage: JPX Two Shot Pepper Spray Gun

  • Powerful pepper combination
  • Delivers on accurate shots
  • Can shoot over long distances
  • Pricy

This best pepper spray gun is from JPX manufacturer which is a reliable company so you can be sure your device will serve you longer. The best part is that it also delivers on impressive fire liquid pepper spray. The pepper is quite hot to ensure that the attacker never gets to harm you. Anyone can use the gun on violent persons or drug suspects due to a detachable magazine which holds two separate shots for increased perpetrator control.

The product offers immediate stopping power thanks to the best accuracy and massive coverage that it has. You will always feel confident that this tear gas gun can help you protect yourself. Also, this gun can fire the liquid spray up to 23 feet away at 405 MPH.

Best for Value: FIRESTORM JPX 4 Pepper Spray Gun

  • High-grade OC solution
  • It is possible to shoot at a speed of 590 FPS
  • Does not blowback even in strong winds
  • Overpriced

These best pepper spray guns offer Swish quality. The gun is designed to be a non-lethal self-defense gun, but it still can work great in dealing with the attacker. The good news is that it is still able to hold up to four separate pepper spray canisters.

The best pepper spray gun fires with ease; it is possible to shoot the canisters at 23 feet away at a speed of 590 FPS. As a result, it is going to be a nice way of dealing with the attacker even from a distance. It isn’t considered a firearm by ATF, and we found that anyone can carry this pepper gun in their car as a reliable self-defense tool. It comes with OC cartridges boasting high-grade OC solution which is hot but definitely not strong enough to kill an attacker. If you’re looking for the “best home defense weapon not a gun” type of product, then this is the one for you!

Best Pepper Solution: Kimber PepperBlaster II

  • 10% OC and benzyl alcohol for added viscosity
  • Comfortable to hold, only 4.2 pounds
  • Delivers a shit speed of 112MPH
  • Looks bulky

Well, this is still a nice option for you to consider when looking for the best pepper spray gun. The aim of this gun is to offer you a non-lethal self-defense gun. It can disable the attacker up to 45 minutes.

The highly concentrated pepper solution is definitely what you need when dealing with assailants. This pepper spray gun for sale boasts a superior ingredient that is a combination of a strong solution of 10% OC and benzyl alcohol for added viscosity.

It weighs only 4.2 pounds, so it is easy to carry, featuring an ergonomic grip and a handle that fits perfectly into a hand. What’s more, this pepperball gun can shoot at 112MPH! The spray is also good in terms of durability so that it can remain effective for a long time. To be specific, it is able to work great even with a full four-year shelf life.

Best for Picatinny Rail: Mace Brand Pepper Spray Guns (Version 2.0)

  • Picatinny rail
  • Multiple canisters
  • Has a strobe light
  • Single users noted in the Mace pepper gun review that the device feels big and cumbersome

This is still a good value for many people to consider getting as their best pepper spray gun at the moment. Mace pepper gun comes with six refillable canisters making the pepper gas gun worth using today. You must switch the cartridge when you have to rather than buying the whole package again. You can shoot a stream of this Mace spray gun from up to 20 feet away, and you rest assured to remain highly protected even from a very far distance. The device is convenient for first-time pepper gun users.

You can definitely switch to a strobe light. Plus, this pepper gun boasts a Picatinny rail which lets you attach extra accessories. This Mace Pepper Spray Gun review should be complete so far.

Best Pepper Spray Gun 2019 Buying Guide – What to Look At?

When looking for the best pepper spray gun, you might want to keep a few things in mind to end up with a top spray gun. Below are the top considerations you have to remember the next time when looking for the best product.

The Range

The first thing you have to consider is the range. You will need a spray that can deliver a range of at least 10 feet and more.

The Capacity

The capacity is also important. Usually, you get products with a capacity of 5 bursts. The good news – you can have the chance of refilling or replacing the cartridges. The best self-defense gun should have multiple bursts in case you miss.


Another thing you have to consider is the portability. The product that you get to use should be quite portable, and most manufacturers understand this. So these products are designed in the form of key rings, concealed lipsticks, and other small things. Even if you get a pink pepper spray gun, it still should be portable.

Easy to Use

You do not want to end up with a product that will take forever to load or start working. When you are under attack, then you need a pepper spray or a pepper ball gun that works great and also easy to operate.

The Spray Type

You still have to look at the spray type. The common types include fogger, stream, gel, and foam. You might want to stick the foam, stream and fogger types as they do not need the user to have precise aim all the time. You should find them being food overall.

Best Pepper Spray Gun 2019: Final Advice

There is no doubt that right now you have an idea what makes the best pepper spray gun. You will be able to look at things like the reviews, the brand, performance, and more to make the right decision. From the list above, you can definitely see the importance of owning a top pepper spray gun on the market.

If you are having a problem making up your mind on the best pepper spray gun in 2019, then we recommend getting the Kimber Pepper Blaster. It is going to work great and will guarantee 100% security. It is also good when it comes to the overall performance as compared to the others on the market. The handle offers an ergonomic grip. Boasting a strong pepper mixture is the best pepper spray gun and can anticipate the attacker for up to one hour.