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Best Nanny Cam in 2019: The Ultimate Guide with TOP 10 Reviews

Learn more about the best technology on the market! Even if you hire an excellent babysitter with great reviews, you still can't refuse to have extra reassurance.Being a parent makes you want to be sure that your children stay safe for the whole day. Check to see if your kids are behaving, or double check to see if the babysitter is taking proper care of your little one. No matter what the case is, having the best nanny cam can help calm your nerves. In this article, we will have nanny cam reviews of the best nanny cams in 2019 and inform you which ones are worth it..

Answers That All People Want to Know: Best Nanny Cam FAQs

Here is a brief rundown of some common questions mothers wonder about in the best nanny cam reviews. What do nanny cameras look like? Are there night vision nanny cams? What are the best hidden nanny cams? How about the best hidden nanny cam with audio? All of these types of questions will be addressed in this article:

Are Hidden Nanny Cams Legal?

Hidden nanny cams are legal in all 50 states as long as they don’t record audio as well. You can place the cams anywhere in your home, except for the bathroom or nanny’s room. As for nanny cam with audio, if your nanny cam does record it, you’ll have to notify the nanny for it to be legal. Failing to notify your babysitter/nanny can result in prosecution, and have any evidence you’ve recorded be taken away. You’ll also be opening yourself up to getting sued. So, where to hide nanny cams?

What is a Nanny Cam Used for?

Nanny cams can assist you in keeping an eye on your babysitter/nanny and child when you’re away. There is also even nanny cam for car.

So, you rest assured that your child isn’t acting out or your babysitter is actually doing their job. Feel like a nanny spy.

How Does a Nanny Cam Work?

It works similar to a security surveillance system. However, they have a live feed nanny cam and record video. The only difference between that and other video streams is that cheap nanny cams don’t include audio. If they do, you will have to notify your sitter beforehand that there are cameras and microphones in the house.

TOP 10 Nanny Cameras Compared and Reviewed

Before we get started, here’s a quick nanny cam reviews of the 10 best nanny cams:

Best for Two-Way Audio: HawkCam Pro Nanny Cam

  • Two-way audio
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motion activated
  • Wide angle
  • Night vision
  • No Rear-Facing angles

The Hawkcam pro best nanny cam is our first choice when it comes to best nanny cam with audio. This unit is excellent for home security, but can also double as a nanny cam. Use the program to check multiple cameras from your phone, tablet, or computer. Just remember that this unit picks up audio, meaning you’ll have to notify your sitter of its presence.

This unit features HD home videos with audio using a wide angle. It utilizes a Wi-Fi connection. The product comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures all-time protection. Setup time is quick, and you can get the whole unit up and running within 5 minutes. Because of the wide angle, you’ll be able to see the entire room, rather than just a part of it.

Best Hidden Camera: Brickhouse Security CAM-MICRO Camscura

  • HD Video
  • SD card recordings
  • Day/Night modes
  • Motion/Sound activated
  • Hidden camera
  • Only records 10 hours

The next best nanny cam is the Brickhouse Security Cam-Micro Camscura can be called the best mini nanny cam. It’s a high-quality camera which displays HD 1280x720p video. All of the footage is recorded and downloaded onto an SD device sold separately. This unit is excellent for monitoring homes, offices, and for keeping an eye on children and pets. This unit doesn’t have any audio, so you can use it without notifying your sitter.

The device features motion, sound, vibration, and time-scheduled operation. This allows customizing the unit to the preferred method of recording. Because of the compact size, you can place it anywhere in your home. Thus, you can even use it as a nanny cam teddy bear. This unit also features day/night modes, adjustable orientation, and doesn’t need to be plugged in because it is battery operated.

Best Nanny Cam With Phone App: Nest Nanny Camera

  • Night vision
  • Motion alerts
  • Live streaming
  • Zoom
  • Cloud recording
  • Not hidden

The next best nanny cam for iPhones on our list is the Nest Nanny Camera. This model is unique because it is voice-controlled and is activated using Alexa. It also features updated alerts through the Nest application which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This allows getting consistent updates about what’s happening in your home, making it a nanny cam with the phone app. Use it when the kids are home alone, with a sitter, or to monitor pets.

This unit has a built-in speaker and a microphone, so make sure to notify anyone in your home that it’s recording. The compact size of this camera makes it easy to use nanny cam and easy to install/conceal if needed. Nest Secure can connect it to multiple devices in your home so that you can watch the video feed from your smart device.

Best Alexa-Compatible Nanny Cam: Arlo Nanny Cam by NETGEAR Camera

  • Alexa compatible
  • Wireless nanny cam
  • Night vision
  • Motion activated
  • App & Email updates
  • Camera only, no base

Our fourth pick is the Ario Nanny Cam created by NetGear which is the best wireless nanny cam on the market based on wireless nanny cam reviews. This camera is entirely compatible with Alexa and includes voice controls. The only downside is that this is only the camera, and the unit doesn’t come with the base station. For added convenience, the system doesn’t require any wires and can be essentially placed anywhere in your home.

Night vision can record video, even if the room is dark. All activity is motion activated, and you’ll receive email or Arlo application notification when motion is detected. Another unique aspect of this unit is that it can be used outdoors or indoors, whichever suits your preference.

  • Tilts & Pans
  • Adult design
  • Two-Way audio
  • Wi-Fi
  • Multiple recording options
  • Expensive

The D-Link DCS-5222L is another best wifi nanny cam. It's a 340-degree panning ultra smooth monitoring camera which can be tilted 120 degrees. This allows zooming up to 10 times into its target to capture every detail that’s going on in your house. It features 720p HD video which allows for crisp and clear live recordings. The unit also has a built-in microSD card which has a 32GB capacity.

Audio can be recorded as well, so you’ll have to notify anyone in the home that they are there. It features sound motion detection which uses a built-in PIR sensor which will send you automatic upgrades if something triggers a recording. You’ll be able to view it in a MyDlink app or on the web. A built-in microphone allows you to communicate with anyone in your house.

Best Nanny Cam for Connectivity: Logitech Circle 2 Nanny Cam

  • Easy Installation
  • · Wi-Fi connected camera
  • Alexa, Apple, & Google connectivity
  • HD wide angle video
  • 24 Hour cloud storage
  • Two-way microphone
  • Wired unit

The Logitech Circle 2 is our next featured best nanny cam. Connectivity relies on both Wi-Fi and wires, so you’ll have to get the unit installed and setup. The wires are 15 feet long, which means that it won’t be that hard to set up the camera where you need it. It features a full 1080p HD wide angle video where the camera can rotate 180 degrees. With night vision, you can see what’s going on no matter the brightness in the room.

As for storage, you’ll be able to save the past 24 hours of footage on your cloud, and you can go back and select what footage you want to save. Notifications will be sent to your phone whenever motion is detected. There’s two-way talking compatibility, which allows you to communicate with whoever's there. These units feature free smart time lapse day briefing which summarizes every 30 seconds to save you time.

Best Alarm System: CANARY (CAN100USBK) HD Security Camera

  • Alexa compatibility
  • Full HD video
  • 147-degree lens view
  • High-quality sound recording
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Not discreet

The Canary HD security system works seamlessly with Alexa. It features a full HD 1080p video capture which has a 147-degree lens view. It also has a high-quality sound recording, so you can see and hear what’s going on in your home. There is a built-in alarm which can be activated by phone to help scare off intruders. Get updates on what’s happening through smartphone applications. Lastly, this unit also gives you updated alerts about the current air quality in your home.

Best Battery Life: Amcrest ProHD Nanny Cam

  • Hidden
  • Long battery life
  • Infrared
  • Schedule Recordings
  • Voice/Motion Activated Nanny Cam
  • No Audio

Our next camera is the Amcrest ProHD nanny cam. It features full HD quality video recorded in 1080p with a wide 90-degree capture angle. It features smart security which will be sent to your PC and your smart device through the Amcrest View Application. With this IP camera, you’ll have enough remote pan/tilt to help zoom in and give you a closer look on what’s going on.

Use it at night and place it up to 32 feet away from your desired recording area. Amcrest cloud records all security footage and stores it for up to 24 hours.

Best Anti-Noise Feature: YI Dome Camera

  • HD video
  • Wide Angle & Tilt
  • HD microphone
  • 2 -way audio system
  • 360-degree area surveillance
  • Slow alerts

Yi Dome home security cameras also make an excellent choice when it comes to nanny cams. This product features HD 720p definition with 112-degree wide angle glass lenses. It can tilt 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically, allowing you to see in every direction. A microphone installed provides you with advanced anti-noise filters for a clean and clear 2-way audio system.

You’ll receive alerts through the application and will be able to control the camera and survey a whole 360 degrees around the room. Integrate it into your home for a full coverage room security system. People say this is one of the best nanny cam 2019!

Best Night Vision: YI Nanny Cam with Night Vision

  • Full HD Video
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • Activity Alerts
  • Cloud Storage
  • YI Home Application
  • Loses Connection if Wi-Fi Lags

The product has a full HD 1080p video with 112 wide angle captures. Unlike other cameras, this one has 15 fps and captures moments with clear pictures. It has two-way audio and allows talking from any location as long as you have a connection. The enhanced night vision has infrared LEDs which function by nanny cam light bulbs. If needed, activity alters through audio or video can be sent to your phone, which lets you know if your baby is crying or screaming.

Access the YI home app through your nanny cam iPhone/iOS or smart device. You’ll be able to manage multiple cameras at one time. As for storage, this unit comes with YI cloud storage which safely secures all video up to 32 GB.

Best Hidden Nanny Cam Buying Guide – What to Look At?

Nanny cams can help you keep an eye on your household when you’re away, but you’ll find that they can also be used to inflict harm on you and your family. After listing the nanny cam reviews, we’d like to go over considerations to buy nanny cam. Nanny cams can be hacked, so here are some critical tips you should consider before the purchase nanny cams:

1. Create Strong Passwords

The number one security breach you’re going to face is a weak password. When creating one, don’t use birthdays, names of pets, or any information someone could easily find online. You need to come up with a unique password that has both letters, numbers, and characters.

2. Encrypt Your Wi-Fi

Hackers can break into banking, phones, and Wi-Fi connections. If you have cameras that operate through Wi-Fi connections, make sure that you have updated firmware to protect yourself. This software keeps your device tamper-proof and can protect your family. Wi-Fi nanny cams are prone to be hacked, so be careful. Even a nanny cam for a car can be easily hacked.

3. Set Up Alerts

Always set up alerts for your system. This can be through Google, an app, on PC, or through email. It doesn’t matter what method you use, as long as you set up notifications, you’ll be much safer and be contacted whenever there’s an issue with your device.

4. Register Devices

Lastly, register your device with the manufacturer. This helps the company notify you of flaws, errors, or any issues with their systems. You can also receive updates and recalls so you know that you’re under the protection at all times.

Types of Nanny Cams

When it comes to nannyspy cams, there are going to be two different types. Both have the same functions, except one nanny spy camera has more serious legal implications. We’ll give you a quick overview of the two different types of nanny cameras for home use: nanny cameras and hidden cameras.

Hidden Nanny Cams

Hidden cams are similar to security systems, they can be hidden anywhere or behind an object, and you’re able to legally monitor anyone in your household without his or her knowledge. The best-hidden spot is a nanny cam bear stuffed away in the corner of your toddler’s room. It’s legal in all 50 states and can be used to videotape your home and visitors without any verification or consent. The only place they can’t be installed is in bathrooms or private living areas. These are also the most affordable nanny cams.

Exposed Nanny Cams

Nanny cam with sound function in the same way as hidden cameras, except these home security systems, have to be mounted in plain sight, and the babysitter must be notified that they’re present in the room. This is especially true if your device records any audio. Always tell your nanny and have a written and verbal documentation just in case anything goes wrong and you need to use the footage in a legal situation. Use our guide to find an audio model for the best cheap nanny cam.

Best Nanny Cam Final Advice

Everyone enjoys feeling safe and knowing that their home can be monitored through remote applications. While the risk of an actual accident is relatively low, there is still the off chance that something may go wrong. Having the best nanny cam allows you to get a notice of an incident quickly and you can use any footage in court. Use the best rated nanny cams to track pets, children, and babysitters when you’re out of the house. It will provide you with a reassurance that there aren’t any issues and no one is misbehaving or skipping out on their bedtime.

When purchasing the best nanny cam, you should highly consider what type of camera you’re going to get. Secret nanny cams work well if you’re trying to monitor babysitters or nannies while they’re working to ensure that there are no issues. An exposed camera can come in handy if you’re planning on talking or recording audio. These systems allow you to legally record conversations as long as you have documentation of the other person's consent. In most cases, we see parents leaning more towards hidden cameras, as notifying guests that they bought the best nanny cam can sometimes be an uncomfortable subject.

There are multiple top rated nanny cams on the market, and you’ll find that a majority of them have good nanny cam reviews. If we had to choose the best nanny cam of 2019, we would take the Hawkcam pro. It includes two-way audio, features motion activation, and provides you with a wide viewing angle of the video. This company also gives you a lifetime warranty, which can be useful if you run into any errors or issues with the product. This ensures you’ll be taken care of and that the unit won’t go to waste. We do hope you find the best nanny cam for your needs with the help of our guide!