Best Home Fire Extinguisher

Best Home Fire Extinguisher in 2019: Top 7 Reviews and Guide

A home can catch fire with as little as a grease spill, spark, or by simply trying to light some candles. Unfortunately, many houses burn down, and families lose their homes forever because they don’t have a way to put the fire out once it’s started. Instead of taking that risk, it’s good to take preventative measures and make sure that you invest in the best fire extinguisher for home use. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 7 products for home in 2019.

What Is It?

A fire extinguisher is a portable device which is used to extinguish and control small flames that start in the home. Each model is filled with a chemical compound that expels water, foam, gas, or other types of materials to smother the fire. There are multiple types of this product, each good for different situations.

Why You Need Such Product?

A flame that gets out of control is not only dangerous to your home but also to the people that live in it. That's why it’s vital to have a fire extinguisher at hand. Not only will it keep your family safe, but you’ll also have a more effective way to put out the flame before it has the chance to grow and potentially turn into a bigger flame.

What’s The Best Fire Extinguisher For Home?

Based on fire extinguisher reviews, we’d have to choose the Amerex B500 as being the best fire extinguisher for home. Not only are all of the fire extinguisher reviews all positive, but they also note that this is a good extinguisher for quickly putting out a fire.

Where Should You Keep A Fire Extinguisher In Your House?

Control-units should be placed in multiple locations in your home. This will give you easy access to them in case a flame breaks out in a place you’re not expecting. A majority of homeowners often keep one in either a closet or kitchen, but it’s safer to have one readily available in each section of your home. Fires start because of sparks, grease, matches, etc. Needless to say, they can happen anywhere in your home.

What Is The Best Brand Of Fire Extinguisher?

We’d have to say that the best brand is the Amerex, as it’s a popular brand and has been deemed worthy by fire associations. It features positive reviews and has been noted to be effective for putting out home fires.

Which Fire Extinguisher Is Suitable For Virtually All Fires?

It may not be known to most homeowners, but there are different types of flames. Emotionally, this means you’re going to need a different type of this product to put the flame out. Well, there are three different levels of fire extinguishers, A, B, and C. The model that is suitable for all types of fires is called an “ABC” extinguisher.

Four Fire Extinguisher Types

There are four different fire extinguishers types; Class A works well on flames started from paper, wood, and trash. Class B is designed to extinguish liquids and gas fire that can occur in the home. Class C models are good for electrical fires, which are very uncommon. That being said, it’s important to get a product that’s good for all three. This would typically be named an ABC type.

Top 7 Best Fire Extinguishers Compared & Reviewed

Best Feature
Wall Bracket
ABC Dry Chemical 5lbs
10 lbs
A, B, C
3 years
BC Fires 2lbs
11.7 lbs
B, C
ABC Dry Chemical 10 lbs
19 lbs
A, B, C
6 years

Best Overall: Amerex B500

  • Easy to carry
  • Manageable size
  • Metal construction
  • Rechargeable
  • Weak wall bracket

The next best red fire extinguisher for home use on our list is the Amerex B500. It features a 5 lb canister that is both easy to carry in case of an emergency but also small enough to fit in cabinets or cupboards. Not only is this a positive, but it also means children and the elderly won’t have a hard time using it in case they need to put out a flame. The B500 is also suitable for all types of flames, which means its a Class ABC extinguisher. Lastly, the metal construction ensures that it will stay safe, protected, and can be used long term. However, some have noted that the wall bracket hanger doesn’t work so well.

Most Versatile: Amerex B441

  • Works on all fires
  • Rechargeable
  • Ability to mount on wall
  • Weighs 10 lbs

The Amerex B441 extinguisher is one of the best out there. It’s a fantastic multi-purpose fire extinguisher which is good to keep in larger homes. The canister is made from sturdy materials, and the range has a maximum of twenty-one feet, which is good if the flame is spreading as it puts distance between you and potential danger. The total discharge time takes twenty-one seconds, which takes a while when compared to others on the market. However, the upside is that the B441 works on all fires is rechargeable, and can be conveniently mounted onto a wall.

Best Portable: First Alert FIAFESA5 Extinguisher

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Fits easily into any car
  • Works on most conflagrations
  • Needs to be replaced

The next best fire extinguisher for home is the First Alert FIAFESA5 fire extinguisher. This extinguisher is pint-sized and was designed to be used in cars. It’s safe to use with both Class B and C fires and comes with installation features to keep safely mounted in your car. The unit is very compact, but it works well to put out flames in the case of an accident. The dimensions are a foot long, and total weight is three pounds. It’s an affordable option and isn’t just limited to flames that occur in cars. The only downside is that it needs to be replaced once it’s empty.

Best for Grease Fires: WilliamsRDM Stovetop Extinguisher

  • Works on stovetop flames
  • Automatic trigger
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Only works on stovetop fires

This automatic stovetop extinguisher is suitable for grease conflagrations. It’s small enough to fit above your stove, and the ingredients are made from baking soda to help smother the flame. The can attaches underneath your hood range and can be easily dispensed in case a fire starts while you’re cooking. The can triggers automatically when it detects a flame, which means its safe to use and you won’t have to reach over the flame. The only downside to this product is that it’s only used for kitchen flames. However, because it has natural ingredients, it won’t damage your kitchen surfaces.

Best Budget: Fire Gone Fire Canisters

  • Affordable
  • Two Canisters
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact
  • Not Rechargeable

The next on our best fire extinguisher for home list is the Fire Gone Fire Canister. It features a compact and eco-friendly ingredient list that is not only easy to use but also is very affordable. This extinguisher works through disposable aerosol and dispenses a water-based chemical to help form a foam and put out a flame. The two pack is very affordable for any home, and the compact size makes it perfect for anyone to use at any time. The only downside is that the canisters do need to be replaced after they run out.

Best Ecological Product: First Alert Tundra

  • Cleans up easily
  • Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use
  • Need multiple cans

Another best fire extinguisher for home is the First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguisher. This fire extinguisher for sale is a biodegradable and one time uses extinguisher which is used to put out a flame. The Tundra does have a thirty-two-second discharge, which may be slower than others on the market. However, it shines when it comes to easy cleanup which doesn’t leave any type of residue. It’s a water based foam formula which is made from biodegradable ingredients. Because of portability, you can place it in your car, garage, or home.

Most Durable: Kidde 466112 Pro Fire Extinguisher

  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Afforadale
  • Effective
  • Multiple fires
  • Very hard to clean up afterwards

The last best fire extinguisher for home is the Kidde Pro. It’s one of the most durable extinguishers in existence and is very affordable. It features protection for Class A, B, and C fires and weighs under 10 pounds. The 10 lbs ensure that young and old can pick it up and use it in the case of an emergency. The outside is made from corrosion resistant materials which makes it very durable, as it will preserve the foam for years to come. The only downside is that it’s very hard to clean up after the foam is dispersed onto a surface.

Types of Best Fire Extinguishers

It’s important to understand that there are multiple types of fire extinguishers for sale. The reason for this is because some are designed for specific situations and flames, while others are made for general use. It’s good to know which you should purchase, as it can help prevent a larger scale flame. In this section, we will introduce you to the different types and give you an overview of what situations they’d be good for.

Air-Pressurized Water (AWP) Extinguishers

These types of extinguishers are designed to be used on Class A fires. They are typically around two feet in length and weigh anywhere from two pounds to five. However, these can’t be used on Class B or C fires. It’s important to understand what types of situations this works, and this can only be used on wood, paper, cloth, etc.

Foam Extinguishers

These types of extinguishers are good to use with Class A and B fires. Any flame that breaks out from liquid, gasoline, oil, grease, etc. can be put out with foam. These types of extinguishers can’t be used with Class C fires. When it comes to purchasing a foam extinguisher, you’ll notice that they include a blue band which can help identify what type of flame they can be used on.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers

The next type is carbon dioxide extinguishers. These are good for both Class B and C fires, but they aren’t that effective at putting out Class A.

Dry Chemical (DC) Extinguishers

The last type of fire-control units is dry chemical. When it comes to identifying them, they will be labels with either an ABC marking or a BC. These have mono-ammonium phosphate and work to put out any type of flame. Regarding use, these are generally best for the home as they can put out any flame. Having at least one is essential. Some are heavier and come in larger sizes, but they all can be used in case of an emergency.

Best Home Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide - What To Look At?

The best home fire extinguishers are identified by certification and reliability. As you can imagine, it’s important to know what type of fire the extinguishers put out. It’s important to understand what makes a good fire-control unit, is sometimes a flame can literally mean life and death. In this section of the article, we will explain the different types of buying considerations you need to know before picking out the best home fire extinguisher 2019.

Type of Extinguisher

Always check the label of an fire-control unit to check what class of fire it can be used for. We see many who make that mistake only to find that the extinguisher won’t put out a flame. Just keep note that Class A fires can’t be used on electrical fires or for grease. However, you can use Class B and C on any Class A fires.

Check Expiration Dates

Before purchasing always check the expiration date and keep it in mind. It’s vital to replace the fire extinguisher once it’s expired, as it may be less potent and may not work as well to put out a flame.

Easy Access & Easy to Use

Place multiple fire-control units in different parts of the room. It’s important to put the corresponding Classes of extinguishers in different parts of the home. Always have at least one Class ABC fire-control unit on hand, as this can help in case of an emergency or if other extinguishers don’t work. Lastly, don’t purchase any extinguishers with complicated instructions. Most extinguishers are very easy to use, but some brands make it complicated to use in a hurry. It’s best to either get one that’s easy to use or understand the instructions before you use it.

The Best Home Fire Extinguisher: Final Advice

A flame can happen at a moments notice which means you need to be prepared. Instead of taking the risk of trying to put out the flame using other methods, it's faster and more efficient to use this product. Grease and electrical flames are hard to control, and may even be impossible to stop without one. So, get yourself the best home fire extinguisher. Not only will it be able to prevent the flame from spreading, but it can smother it within just a minute of use. Another benefit is those fire extinguishers allow you to put distance between you and the fire, which helps prevent accidental injuries.

Always check to see if you have the corresponding fire-control unit for a specific type of fire. As a general rule to keep before checking what fire extinguishers for sale, keeping an ABC fire-control unit on hand will prevent multiple types of flames from spreading. Remember, that there are companies out there that create bad extinguishers, and you should never invest in these as they can put you and your home at risk. As a general reminder, always check the expiration date, never used an expired one, and make such that you have on that is accessible and easy to use. All of these factors combine to create the best home fire extinguisher.

As this article comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to recommend one of the fire-control units on our list as being the best home fire extinguisher. Our top pick would have to be the Amerex B500 at 5lbs. This model is a Class ABC fire extinguisher that is not only lightweight but also easy to use. The fact that it’s easy to carry has a manageable size, and durable construction also adds to the fact that this is one of the most well-balanced extinguishers on our list. If you’re looking for the best home fire extinguisher 2019, you can’t go wrong with the Amerex B500.