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5 Best Hidden Cameras To Buy in 2019: Best Product Reviews

Today, video surveillance is no longer a novelty, so, best spy camera will not surprise anyone. It is firmly turned into our daily lives and gives an excellent choice for people to protect themselves and their relatives from various emergency situations. Best hidden camera at home often finds its application in everyday life. This useful device can be embedded into various things and devices that it is almost impossible for an outsider to notice it. Suitable objects for masking are switches, paintings, toys, and others.

You will definitely need the best spy camera if you are planning to leave foreigners at home when you are absent. Often, there are situations when you have to cooperate with people you do not know, or when after a short collaboration you have various doubts and suspicions. In this case, hidden cameras for sale will be indispensable assistants and will help to clarify many doubts and draw conclusions about further cooperation with people.

If you have children, then best spy camera is nice to have especially if you leave them alone with a nanny. Remember that when a new person comes to your house and you plan to entrust him your child, nanny’s work monitoring using the best hidden camera is necessary.

Also, think about additional safety when you are planning a long-lasting trip. You will have an opportunity to see in real time what is happening in a room without spoiling the interior and attracting excessive attention of visitors. Thanks to their miniature size, cameras for video surveillance have become a real miracle of technology.


What Is the Best Spy Camera for Home?

Hidden cameras are known to most people as spy cameras because they can be used to carry out surveillance with great efficiency and minimal risk. Such models differ from regular cameras, primarily in miniature size and, accordingly, possibilities of their installation in any convenient place. Best spy camera for home should be wireless, signal from which comes via satellite to DVR. Wireless hidden cameras for sale due to lack of wires are much easier to install, more compact, have more power than standard wired models. At the same time, they provide a wider coverage area.

What Are the Best Nanny Cameras?

Video surveillance of a nanny at home is probably the only way to control her honesty and integrity. You trust nurse the most valuable thing you have - your child. Therefore, you not only need to be 100% sure of his safety and decency of employee but also be able to control. A high-quality hidden camera should record videos continuously and keep an archive of records on a hard disk for at least for a month. A DVR or cloud can be used as a storage location. This will allow not only to monitor the work of nanny in your absence through your smartphone but also to do it from anywhere in real time. With best nanny camera that is installed as hidden, you will immediately get a complete picture of what is happening in your house with your child when you are at work. As an example, you can consider Conbrov HD Book Camera, which comes in a form of a book and can be put on a shelf among other books you have. You can even dress it with a cover.

TOP 5 Best Spy Cameras Compared and Reviewed

Today there are plenty of best hidden cameras for sale and it might be difficult to choose the right model at once. For this purpose, we compiled a rating of mini and inconspicuous devices that are easy in use, simple to install and easy to control from a smartphone. With the help of any device that is in our rating below you can make sure what is happening in your house or in nursery and record video stream on a memory card for watching it later. We’ll also speak a bit more about the best hidden camera 2019.

Video Resolution
Digital clock with camera
5.9 x 5.9 x 2
12.3 oz
1080P HD
Smart fitness bracelet
4.4 x 3.2 x 2.5 in
4.8 oz
1080P HD
Spy pen
6.1 x 0.8 x 0.8 in
1.76 oz
1080P Full HD
Wireless IP camera
8.6 x 5.8 x 3.3"
14 oz
720 P HD
Book-like camera
8.6 x 1.6 x 6.2 in
1.12 oz
1080P HD

Best Overall: MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera HD 1080P Spy Camera

  • Best hidden spy camera.
  • Device operates as a digital clock.
  • Comes with remote control.
  • Motion detecting feature
  • Stylish and elegant appearance
  • Compact size
  • Comes with 8GB Micro SD card
  • Has no WiFi

MEAUOTOU is one of the best hidden cameras for home that is implemented in a form of a digital side clock. At the same time, this device represents a fully-functional clock and your nanny or intruders won’t understand that their actions are recorded. Camera resolution is HD 1080P. All the recorded videos are in AVI format and can be viewed on any device. Thanks to motion detection features, you won’t load the memory with unnecessary recordings. Style of the clock is quite modern and elegant. You can be sure that spy recording device inside won’t be encountered. Size is also great because the device is easily portable. People love this model mainly because of the quality because it can make fantastic photos and videos you can enjoy later. Motion-detecting mode can be activated by means of remote control. Inbuilt storage of these hidden cameras for sale can be improved with the help of micro SD card.

Best Budget Camera: Surveillance Recording Camera 1080P HD

  • Is in a form of a functional fitness tracker
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Light-sensitive camera
  • Budget-friendly
  • Short battery life

This model of best hidden camera is very popular worldwide mainly because it is multi-functional. It operates as a regular fitness bracelet and has an amazing bonus in a form of spy camera. This device is fashionable, adjustable and nice to have. It will be able to count your steps and calories, display the current time and record videos with its high-quality 1080P HD camera. According to hidden camera reviews, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Display of this device can be removed from the bracelet and left on a table to record videos. Maximum memory support is 64GB Micro SD that is enough for 2 hours of video recording.

Best Spy Pen Camera: Spy Pen Hidden Cam

  • Spy camera pen
  • Can be clipped to a pocket
  • Is equipped with USB port
  • High quality of recorded videos
  • Wide field of view
  • Stylish design
  • High price

This is another great product to consider. This hidden camera pen, which is equipped with a microcamera and voice recorder. You can keep a high-quality recording using a pen for its intended purpose, or it can find its place in your pocket. Quality of videos recorded with its help is Full HD 1080p. To notice pen camera on the handle is impossible. Such wireless mini camera is turned on with one touch of an inconspicuous button on the body. Internal memory contains 32Gb, which is enough for 5 hours of continuous recording. Through the USB port, you can easily view and download all the information on your computer. The pen can also be used as a WEB-camera, for video communication with friends and as a flash drive for storing any information.

  • High image quality
  • Tiny size
  • Highly-configurable
  • Can be connected to Mac and Windows computers
  • Offers remote playback
  • Easy in use
  • Is not the best for low-light rooms

Phylink PLC-128PW is a tiny motion-activated model that can be easily hidden at any place you wish. Thanks to its super-small size, this device is very hard to encounter. This wireless hidden camera is installed between the books on the shelf or on a monitor in your office if you are not going to use it at home. This model is wireless and can be controlled with a smartphone. If you are still planning to have control under nanny, this will also be an ideal variant of hidden cameras for house thanks to multi-zone motion detecting system. Slot for micro SD cards supports cards with up to 128GB. Thanks to a feature of remote playback, you can watch videos recorded from any place. For this, you’ll need to install a special application on your smartphone or tablet. Sends alerts and various notifications on e-mail or on a smartphone. Can be also used as a hidden car camera.

Best Spy Camera with Night Vision: Conbrov HD Book Camera

  • 30-feet motion detection
  • Good night vision
  • Long battery life
  • Can be easily hidden among books
  • Offers continuous recording
  • Affordable price
  • Long-charging battery

Conbrov HD book camera is another great device to consider when you are looking for hidden cameras for sale. It has a unique design in a form of a book and your nanny won’t be able to understand that you are recording her days with kids. It can be easily installed on a bookshelf somewhere in the middle and will record videos for your attention. This best hidden camera records 720 HD videos and comes with night vision up to 10 feet. Audio can be also recorded if you need it. Be ready that all the files that were recorded before will be overwritten if you do not change the card. Maximum storage of micro SD is 32GB.

Types of Best Spy Cameras

Hidden recording devices can be built on a variety of principles. Minimum size and technical performance depend on a used scheme of processing, transmission, and storage. However, any best spy camera can be used very successfully, if you choose the right method of its installation.

Hidden Wi-Fi Cameras

Wi-Fi is quite energy-intensive technology. Therefore, best hidden camera with its use can be turned on according to a schedule or a signal from a motion detector. Expensive spy models have their own software for detecting objects in a surveillance zone.

  • If we consider remote video surveillance with spy IP camera on iOS or Android, you will be able to connect at any time from anywhere to broadcast the video stream. Such a device should have the following characteristics:
  • have your own transmitter;
  • connect to the router;
  • stay in touch with one of the cloud services or provide activation upon request;
  • work as a motion detector, record stream to a PC or to the cloud.

From the listed features it follows that a device with a battery is simply non-functional. Wi-Fi spy will be convenient if it provides a permanent connection to an external power source.

Standalone Hidden Cameras

This one is the widest segment of devices. They most often have their own battery and non-volatile memory with low consumption. In this case, devices may offer a wireless broadcast. It is implemented with some restrictions. According to hidden camera reviews, wireless spy models with recording function may not offer to watch a recorded stream. However, all data can be rewritten by connecting to the device via a wireless protocol. Such an operation has optimally low power consumption.

Spy Cameras in Form of Ordinary Items

A camera camouflaged as a statuette, a book holder, a decoration or an item of decor is the most attractive option for organizing video surveillance.

Anything can be arranged in a sufficiently dimensional object:

  • a battery that can keep video system running for weeks;
  • data storage device;
  • units of work with wireless transmission technologies, including networks of mobile operators;
  • antennas for a stable signal;
  • memory cards, SIM and more.

Inside you can implement an arbitrarily complex system of protection from moisture, shielding from external interference. At the same time, such camera is very difficult to detect.

Best Spy Camera Buying Guide - What to Look At?

It is necessary to seriously address the issue of choosing best hidden camera, because quality and principle of its work depend not only on price.

Legal Considerations

In all 50 states, you can install hidden cams at home if you are not going to install them somewhere in a bedroom or bathroom. It means that you can record what is going on in the nursery and in the kitchen, especially if you have a nanny when you are away.


This parameter indicates how sharp picture will be. A detailed image is not always required, moreover, the higher the resolution of the device, the more expensive it is.


This parameter determines the minimum level of illumination at which the system will work efficiently. Sensitivity is measured in suites, the worse the location of video surveillance is lit up, the more sensitive the selected device should be. As hidden camera reviews prove, such products can be used even with no light at all and backlight is completely invisible to intruders. The only drawback is distortion.

Field of View

It specifies the width of the area that best spy camera can view and depends on focal length of the lens. A narrow field of view allows you to get a detailed image in a small area, it can be convenient for organizing video surveillance at the entrance to the house. Wide-angle models make it possible to track cover a large area and can be used to monitor the outer perimeter.

Frame Rate

This parameter affects the number of frames transmitted per second, usually 5-25 frames per second.

Power Supply

It is necessary to know in advance what type of power supply spy recording devices need in order to be aware of upcoming wiring installation for the system.

Internal Memory

A very useful feature in violation of communication with the DVR. For economical use of resources, internal memory usually registers not the video stream, but individual frames.

Motion Detector

This is another important point. It means that the chosen device enables recording only when registering movement in a controlled area.


Hidden security cameras of a smaller size are easier to mask and are well suited for hidden installation.


It is also worth focusing on the price of equipment. It is not always necessary to use the most expensive and modern systems in a private house. In combination with an alarm, even cheap hidden cameras can provide a good level of security.

The Best Spy Camera. Final Advice

As you see, best spy camera is a very useful device, especially when you need to control nanny at home. Based on various choice criteria mentioned above, our top pick is MEAUOTOU hidden camera. It can boast of several useful premium features. Among them, it is possible to mention clock design, HD video recording, top-quality motion detection, and live streaming. Video storage of this best hidden camera 2019 can be improved if you purchase additional 32GB Micro SD card and substitute existing 8GB model with it. Wires are absolutely absent, so your nanny won’t even be able to guess that this modern clock operates as the best spy camera. So, if you want to control what is happening in the house when you are absent, think over and choose this best spy camera. It will also help to identify intruders and unfair workers.