Best GPS Tracker for Kids

Best GPS Tracker for Kids in 2019 | TOP 7 Reviews

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best child GPS tracker 2019 which provide you with numerous features. The main task of any parents is safety of their children. The best GPS tracker for kids helps to perform this mission. And by the way, you can customize this kids safety watch for you and your child. These devices also offer cellular connectivity and allow your child to make SOS calls in case of an emergency. Here is the best GPS tracker for kids in 2019.

TOP 7 Best Tracking Devices for Kids Compared and Reviewed

1. Best Two-Way Communication: TickTalk 2.0 Kids GPS Smart Watch

  • Set reminders/checklists
  • Two-Way communication
  • Wi-Fi & LBS locator
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Add multiple contacts
  • Purchase of a monthly plan

This best child GPS tracker 2019 features a unique design that exceeds the standards of most other GPS trackers. It includes the option to create to-do lists and allows typing in tasks for your child, making it the perfect smart GPS for kids watch. An icon and ringtone can remind your child when playtime is over if you set the alarm. If you’re ever in need to contact your child, this kids GPS tracker watch allows you to have two-way conversations and call them. You can save up to 13 different contacts into the phone.

For more accurate pinpoints for location, the Tick Talk 2 uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and LBS locators to give you better reading indoors and out. The location will be read and tracked through the app, and it comes with 3D and 2D maps. The application works with iPhone and Android devices, though it only runs on a 2G network. A big downside is that you have to purchase a monthly plan. However, this is only a small fee that starts at $5. To sum up, this is the best GPS tracker for kids.

2. Best Build: Trax Play GPS Tracker for Children

  • Create safe zones
  • Works in 40 countries
  • Smartphone application
  • Durable build
  • T-Mobile connection
  • False readings when the connection drops

Next on our list comes another best child GPS tracker 2019 from Trax Play. The Trax has a notification system where you can set up “safe zones” for your child through the application, and if your child crosses any of the boundaries, you get an alert on your smartphone. This makes it one of the best app to track kids.

GPS locator for kids is supported on any smart device works in over 40 countries. The full-featured smartphone application gives you unlimited sharing, following, and alerts. You’ll be able to augment reality and set up geofences. It’s vital for a unit to be durable, as children aren’t the safest with electronics. This unit features a water and dust resistance exterior which can withstand temps of up to 10 degrees Celsius and +40 degrees Celsius.

The Trax unit connects to T-Mobile's 2G network when used in the United States. If you’re unsure of coverage, check the to check the availability in your area.

3. Best Compact Size: PocketFinder+

  • SOS button
  • 60 Day history
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Set up safe zones
  • Multiple types of alerts
  • Must purchase a service plan

Next is the PocketFinder GPS tracker which is a mini GPS tracking device. This unit is the best GPS tracker for kids among small ones, durable, and designed to be used by pets, children. It features a unique keychain design which tracks location, direction, and provides up to 60 days of recorded history. Use your smartphone to connect to the application or a web browser when you’re at work or at home.

It has a simple setup, allows you to completely control and set safe zones, and features multiple alerts to emails, applications, and SMS. You’ll be notified when the person exits a safe zone, has a low battery, or presses the SOS button. As for durability, this unit is super compact, takes up no space, and features military grade materials. This allows withstanding harsh treatment while still staying an effective tracker.

4. Best Waterproof Product: My Buddy Tag

  • Set safe zones
  • Submerged water alerts
  • Panic button
  • Silicone wristband
  • Adjustable
  • Alarm sounds in close proximity

Our next featured GPS is the My Buddy Tag tracker, which is the best GPS watch for kids. This unit has a unique and durable design, specially made for children. It has a silicone GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch which can be adjusted from 5.5-8 inches. If you don’t want to put it on a wristband, you can place the small device onto a shoelace, backpack, or in the pocket.

Set up boundaries for where your child is allowed to roam, and if they cross you will get an alert. You may also get a notification when the unit is fully submerged into water, informing you of potential drowning. Lastly, the panic button installed in the tracking bracelet will send a notification if they press the button. The GPS bracelet for kids is compatible with iPhones, Androids, and Galaxy devices.

5. Best Non-Removable Product: AngelSense GPS Tracker for Children

  • Track history & location
  • Microphone records audio
  • Get text updates
  • 10-Sec updates
  • Non-removable accessory
  • Not waterproof

The Angelsense GPS tracker is #5 on our list of the best GPS trackers for kids. It allows you to trace your child’s route and location in real time. Use the installed microphone to listen in on what’s going on around him or her. You’ll receive a text alert if your offspring wanders and goes to unknown locations.

There’s a special runner mode that gives you 10-sec updates and helps you find your child faster in case of an emergency. The tracker is built to be durable and reliable. It includes a non-removable accessory which helps keep it on your child at all times.

6. Best GPS Tracking: LG GizmoPal 2

  • GPS tracking
  • Two-Way communication
  • 4 Contacts
  • Durable design
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Easy to take off

Get real-time information with this GPS locator for kids by getting updates of where your child tracker is. You’re able to communicate with your children on a regular basis, as this tracker features two-way communication and works similarly to a phone. You can add up to 4 authorized telephone numbers in the system.

The tracking bracelet for kids features a smooth design which latches together to prevent the unit from falling off. It’s kid-friendly, durable, and designed to keep up with the active lifestyles of children. The only downside is that the child can easily take this unit off. This watch is compatible with Android devices updated to version 4.0. For iOS devices, they need to be at least 7 version or higher. This is another best GPS tracker for kids.

7. Best Battery Life: Pocketfinder Child GPS Tracker

  • Fast tracking
  • Provides travel history
  • Receive notification if Out of Zone
  • Set safe zones
  • Speed limits
  • Monthly subscription

This is the last device on our list of the best child GPS trackers. The PocketFinder features a nice tracking system which can be attached to your child’s backpack, clothing, or in their pocket. The app can be used with iOS and Android devices. You’ll be provided with fast-tracking which can be set to certain speed limits. Also, you’ll have full control over setting safe zones and receive alerts if your child GPS tracker is out of those locations.

Alerts travel via email, SMS, and through the application. You can manage the alert settings from one device. You’ll have 60 days of history for where your child traveled, providing you with enough history to help track their movements. The battery life is long lasting and can last for up to 5 days. This top rated child GPS tracker does require a monthly subscription. However, it’s not that pricey.

Types of GPS Trackers for Kids

There are multiple types of the best kids tracker watch GPS devices which help track your child. However, not all of them are useful when it comes to staying on your child. Kids have this tendency to move and fiddle with anything you give them, and this includes a tracking device. Here is a rundown of when you should use Kid-friendly trackers, and when you should use regular trackers.

The Best GPS Tracker for Kids: Kid-Friendly Trackers

Kid-friendly trackers are made to be compact in size and fit into backpacks, pockets, and on wrists. Many offer features that help parents feel in control. Geofencing, safe zones, and SOS buttons are some of the features you’ll find on kid trackers. Regular tracking devices won’t have these features. They are also made to withstand harsh treatment, which can be useful because kids aren’t exactly known for keeping anything in good condition.

The Best GPS Tracker for Kids: Regular Trackers

Regular trackers often lack other features and will allow you to see only the general location of the person. They don’t offer you much customization, and you won’t be able to set safe zones. However, some trackers do feature emergency alert buttons and deliver pinpoint accuracy. However, many of these trackers also need a data plan, thus making them a bit more expensive.

Child Tracking Device Buying Guide - What to Look At?

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a safe GPS tracker for your child, especially when you are looking for the best tracking device for kids. Different models of GPS devices include various features, so narrowing it down is essential. Some units have standard features, however here are the main buying considerations you should think of before you go out and purchase one. Here’s a list of elements you should keep in mind when selecting the best GPS tracker watch for kids.


Comfort should be one of the biggest factors when it comes to keeping it with your child. Every tracker needs to be comfortable so that the child isn’t tempted to remove it at any time. Having trackers on their backpack, belt buckle, shoe, or wrist is the best option. Try and look for models with adjustable settings for maximum comfort, as your children will be growing.


The next aspect to look for in the best child GPS tracker is durability. These GPS trackers are usually designed to withstand some harsh treatment, however not every model is designed this way (e.g. a kids smart GPS watch will not be as durable). Be sure to keep an eye out to what type of material the tracker is made out of, as some models are easier to break than others. Children geared trackers often are aware of this issue and make an effort to make sure that these waterproof kids GPS watch are crack-proof and durable. Just be sure to choose a wearable GPS tracking device.


Another critical factor is to consider in the best child trackers is the range of the device. The usability of a GPS device will depend on the maximum range it can function at. Some trackers can only track a few miles, and others can track a whole city. It depends on the model and company.

Consider how far your child is going to be traveling away from you. This includes schools, lessons, sports events, and friends’ houses. Considering these factors can help you get a device that is perfect for your needs.


Geofences are one of the most useful tools when it comes to GPS tracking device for kids. If your kid is old enough to visit friends and ride their bike around the neighborhood, having geofences can help you find them.

Geoforces allow you to set up a “safe zone” using the best GPS for kids, which can then be altered when needed. This will enable you to get alerts any time your child travels outside of this area. It’s useful for field trips, sports events, and when they want to hang out with their neighbors.

SOS/Panic Button

Having a panic button can help as your kid will be able to alert you if they find they need your attention. This can come in handy when your kid is lost or scared. The only issue with panic buttons is that younger kids may fiddle around with it and cause your phone to get spammed with notifications. We’d only recommend these units to kids old enough to understand the concept of the button. We would say that the best child tracking devices include these buttons.


Now communication is going to be the most useful and heartwarming feature a parental GPS tracking device can offer you. Your child may be way too young to manage a cell phone; so instead, trackers have installed two way calling systems. You’ll be able to hear your child, and they’ll be able to hear you.

Communication is excellent for when you need to talk to your kid. They’ll get their own list of pre-approved contacts, and they’ll also be able to call your phone in the off chance they need to talk to you. For sleepovers, events, trips, and waiting after school, these units will be super helpful.

Update Frequency

The last feature to keep in mind is the update frequency. All child tracking devices have different update frequencies. Some will update their location every minute, others will be every few seconds, and some are live-tracking. It all depends on the model. Consider what type you’d like to have. Having a toddler may allow you to get a toddler tracking device with a short-range or a baby GPS tracker. The longer the delay, the harder it will be to pinpoint your child’s exact location through the GPS child locator.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids: Final Advice

The best GPS tracker for kids can help keep your mind at ease when your child is going to any place without you. Attach it to their belongings or their wrist and get pinpoint accuracy on where they are. If you invest in a model with two-way calls, you’ll be able to contact them with ease. Having an SOS button also allows your child to notify you when there’s an issue. Lastly, the best GPS tracker for kids can sometimes allow you to listen to the audio, which gives you a good upper hand of what’s happening around them. Use this feature to ensure that your child is safe at all times.

When choosing the best child GPS tracker 2019, carefully consider all factors before making a purchase. It’s important to conclude how far you’re going to need to track your kids, what type of extra features you’d like, and the durability of the unit. Not every kid-friendly tracker is made the same, so make sure that the unit has what you’re looking for. We highly recommend sticking to the best GPS tracker for kids instead of trying to purchase a regular tracker for your child, as the kid-friendly models will stay attached to them and are more durable.

There are various designs of GPS tracking devices. However, if we had to choose the best GPS tracker for kids from our list to recommend to you, we would select the TickTalk 2.0 Kids GPS Watch. This top-rated child GPS tracker has the best-rounded balance of all features and comes at a decent price. The best child GPS tracking device is specially designed for a kid, which means it can withstand tossing, hitting, and being bumped up against objects. Lastly, it features two-way communication allowing you to talk to your child and add pre-approved contacts to the device.