Best Driveway Alarm

Best Driveway Alarm in 2019 for You to Stay Safe: Top 8 Reviewed Products

Even the best best driveway alarm consists of only a receiver and a sensor, but the difference between products lays in range, quality, installing process, and many other parameters. You will have to set up the sensor out close to the driveway and then the receiver in the house. Whenever something or someone triggers the driveway sensor, then you will hear the sound coming from a receiver. Sometimes you can have flashing lights as part of the routine. Such systems are often set to help with security. So, which one would be the best driveway alarm?

From the list of best driveway alarms below, you can always find one that has the important features you need in a top performance alarm. Without wasting time, let us get to see the best driveway alarm. 2019 products are listed below.

TOP 8 Best Driveway Alarms Compared and Reviewed

Notable Features
Up to 16 different sensors
500 feet
Corded electric, battery, solar
Up to 4 sensors
30 feet
Expandable up to four separate zones
300 feet
LCD counter monitors traffic
1000 feet
Excellent detection capability for cars
1000 feet
Solar, battery

Most Durable Product: Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

  • Customizable tone
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good working range
  • Tends to have false alarms

To be the best driveway alarm, we get to see that it is able to work great in terms of performance generally. It is the reason you find more people going for it as they know it will be able to work great. It is extremely dependable to result in a product that works great for the money. The best part is that it can withstand the different weather conditions.

We found that it is super easy when it comes to installation. You can have it working great for your driveway security in a few minutes. Another thing is that it is expandable to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers, with the possibility of adding more than thirty customizable alert sounds. What’s more, you can easily pair specific sounds with certain sensors, so you will know where the motion is coming from without even looking.

From various Guardline driveway alarm reviews, they all show that this product does come with some good realistic range. Sensors are built to withstand all kinds of weather. The company claims two years of testing were necessary for each product, and the over 1,000 reviews on Amazon seem to back that up.

Best Ease of Operation: Chamberlain Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm

  • Inexpensive, good start for driveway sensors
  • Up to 4 sensors
  • Decent range
  • Limited features

This is another good option when it comes to picking the best driveway alarm. This is according to driveway alarm reviews that show it is a good product even though is rather barebones. Being waterproof, you get it is quite good for the outdoor use. It comes with a single receiver and sensor. Of course, you can add up to 4 sensors later, but they must be purchased separately. What’s more, if the sensor’s line is interrupted, the receiver will set off an alert with both sounds and light.

This Chamberlain Driveway alarm is also found to be easy to install. It does not take long before you have it working great already. We found that this alarm boasts a decent range and is one of the best driveway alert systems out there for those just starting out. It will ensure that you never have to worry about range again. This is because it comes with a range of 30 feet away. The receiver works with AA batteries or a standard AC adapter.

Having the mounting bracket generally makes it easier for you to do the installation. This is better than what you get with other models on the market.

Best for Beam Sensors: Dakota Driveway Alert System

  • Reliable
  • Ease of installation
  • Beam sensors
  • Expensive

This product is among the best driveway alarms on the market right now. You will love the fact that this Dakota alert driveway alarm gives you good mile range with the possibility of expanding up to 4 different zones. The zones can be as ½ miles from the base unit and still be able to provide alerts, although the weather conditions and local terrain can affect the sensitivity.

When it comes to the installation, this product in our best rated driveway alarms list is generally good. It allows for ease of installation in no time. As a result, it is going to be easy for anyone to get this Dakota driveway alarm running without needing a technician to help out.

Another good option is that it does come with beam sensors. They are able to deliver on the best functionality and at the same time remain weatherproof. You can use them outdoors without worries that they will be affected by the weather. In a nutshell, we loved this product, one of the best driveway alert systems on the market, which is actually a laser beam driveway alarm. One of its major downsides is the high cost of purchase, around $270.

Best LCD Product: Rodann Electronics Wireless Driveway Alarm System

  • Waterproof driveway motion sensor
  • Ease of setting up
  • Less false alarms
  • Short transmission range (1,000 feet)

This is still a good option when it comes to the best driveway alarm on the market right now. What you should know is that many customers have mentioned that this product is way more reliable in detecting large animals and people than detecting vehicles. If you’re more concerned with knowing when pedestrians come up your driveway or when your dog leaves the yard, this is the one for you.

We found that this wireless driveway alarm is able to deliver on use of PIR sensor technology. This means that it is able to work great under various conditions. The best part is that it will not be affected by sunlight, car headlights or even reflections. Its most unique feature is an LCD counter which calculates how many entities it has detected until it is reset to zero.

It is also waterproof so using it outdoors will not be much of a problem as compared to the other models that might not be. Is this the best rated wireless driveway alert system?

Best Range: Safety Technology International Driveway Alarm Sensor

  • Solar powered
  • Good range
  • High accuracy for detecting cars
  • The sensor’s range is only 12 feet

For those in the market for the best driveway alarm, this could be a nice option for them. For the driveway motion sensor alarm to be triggered there has to be a large metallic object passing through the driveway. Whenever someone gets into your driveway in a car, you will be able to know.

The sensor of this driveway alert system is also solar powered. This means that you never have to worry about replacing the batteries that often.

You get that the range is 1,000 feet line of sight but know that the maximum detection range is only 12 feet. You will definitely have a good time when it comes to working with this long range driveway alarm. For many people, they will find it is good as it does not get triggered by animals, people or even shadows. It is, in a nutshell, one of the best driveway sensor systems on the market.

Most Versatile Product: Mighty Mule Driveway Alarm

  • Impressive range
  • The low-cost option for vehicle detection
  • Compatible with PIR models
  • The battery use could be better

This is still a nice option to use as one of the best driveway alarm on the market. It’s excellent for those who want to detect only cars entering their driveway and not animals or people. You get that it is so easy to set up and have it running in no time. This should be reason enough to get more people interested in seeing what more this wireless driveway alert system can do (it is also compatible with PIR models).

This Mighty Mule wireless driveway alarm does use 2 AA batteries for operation. Generally, this should not be much of a problem for many to find. Having the low battery indicator helps in knowing when to change the batteries so that the alarm can keep working great generally.

According to most wireless driveway alarm reviews, you get that this alarm is going to be good for home and business. The driveway alert motion detector range of 400 feet is also good, and the sound is a pleasant chime. However, note that the buried cable between the transmitter and the sensor is only 10 feet long.

Best for Unlimited Receivers: Hosmart Wireless Driveway Alarm System

  • Top brand
  • Super long receiving range
  • Easy to install
  • It could use more features

This is still one of the best driveway alarms that you can buy right now. Coming from such a top brand, you will always be sure of having the best driveway alert kit. It does come with many positive reviews to help you understand that it is good in terms of performance.

You will also find it is easy to install. Well, you will find that it can be operational in a few minutes. The best part is that it is expandable up to 4 sensors. This is one of the best driveway motion detectors and can support unlimited receivers so that you can have complete coverage of the perimeter.

To make it even better, we found that it does a good job of covering large perimeter and its range is marketed as "Super Long Receiving Range – ½ mile (in ideal situations)." From what we found, it works optimally for ranges of up to 1500 feet, which is way over the average.

Plus, it’s working great even if it is exposed to the various outdoor conditions. It is quite popular right now and is one of the best wireless driveway alert systems out there.

  • Up to 16 sensors
  • Impressive operating range
  • Less false alarms
  • Battery use could be better

This is also a nice option to consider as the best driveway alarm. It does come with an impressive motion range of up to 40 feet and operating range of up to 800 feet.

Among the driveway alarms for sale is that it is going to be great on overall. Having various alarm modes makes it possible for you to choose one that works great for you.

You get that the supervised sensor monitors help with keeping an eye on the battery conditions. You will be notified when the battery is getting low. Adding solar powered driveway motion sensor might do the trick if you’re worried about the batteries. Any other additional sensors are easy to program, install, and integrate. This low-cost yet long-range wireless product boasts sensors which can be set off by animals as small as an opossum. The best part of this model is that the receiver unit is quite reliable even if it needs a few upgrades. The sensors can be programmed to up to 4 different zones, and you can add up to 16 of them. When triggered, the receiver immediately sounds an alert sequence corresponding to the zone which has been triggered and then flashes a red LED on the unit in that certain zone.

Types of Driveway Alert Systems

Wireless Driveway Alarms

From the word wireless, you can already tell the kind of alarm it is. You will normally have to set up the sensor and receiver in a line of sight with no blockage in between. The range can vary from model to model, but some can reach up to 2000 feet. You can also find the installation to be faster and have the alarm system working in no time. Note that wireless is not the same as magnetic driveway alarm.

Hard-Wired Driveway Alarms

Some of the best driveway alarms are hardwired. This means that you will not have to worry that something might obstruct the wireless signals or you have to change the batteries. The only con should be the time taken to install the wired driveway alarm. Nevertheless, these alarms also work great.

Infra-Red Motion Driveway Alarms

Based on driveway alarm reviews, these are also a good option for you to consider. You will be able to end up with an alarm that works great using the infrared technology. With such systems, they are able to even detect people. They are characterized by having a good battery life and also an expansive wireless range given by the driveway motion detector.

Solar Powered Driveway Alarm Systems

Very few products on the market are in this category, but they are unreliable especially in households located in the north, which get very little sunlight throughout the year. A solar driveway alarm works by converting solar energy into electricity to power the entire system.

Types of Driveway Alert Systems


When it comes to using the best in terms of performance, you need a product that works great in terms of expandability. This means that you will be able to add more sensors and receivers if you have to. Depending on the model, some can allow unlimited sensor and receiver connectivity. It all comes down to what you need in a model.

Source of Power

It goes without saying that the source of power is important for these systems. For them to work great, they also need a good power source. Some would have a rechargeable battery while others would use a single-use battery. As a result, there is the need to find a model with reliable power options. Note that if you buy a driveway alarm with camera, you need a source of electricity to power it.

Weatherproof Construction

You have to keep in mind that the different alarms will have to be set outdoors. This means that they have to be good in terms of weatherproofing. No one wants to end up with a driveway motion alarm that is easily affected by wind, dust, rain, or even snow. You should definitely have a good time picking a top product with the best construction. Not even the best driveway sensor can withstand weather conditions for which it hasn’t been built.

Operating Modes

When looking for the best wireless driveway alarm, it will be great to get yourself the best model that offers also good operation modes. You can now have the chance to turn off the alarm when you are in the driveway shoveling snow and turn it on when you are done. It can also have many other operating modes that you feel are great for such type of alarm system.


You find that the range is still an important consideration for many people. Depending on how large the property is, there is the need to make sure that you have the best range at all times. You have to figure out where is the best place to setup the alarm system and have it working great on overall.

Best Driveway Alarm 2019. Final Advice

From the guide above, we get to see that there is so much you can love about the best driveway alarms on the market right now. They are able to provide you with the kind of security you have always wanted. Even from the best driveway alert system reviews above, you get to see that these are necessary gadgets you should get for your home at the moment.

So, which one is the best driveway alarm in 2019? Well, if you are a bit of a problem picking the best one, you can always opt for Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm. This is because it stands out for having multiple features. You also find many positive reviews about it that should make it one of the best to use on overall as compared to the others. We found that it is super easy when it comes to installation. Anyone can easily have it working great in just a few minutes. This is good to ensure that you do not need to hire a technician to have it running already. Another thing is that it is expandable to 16 sensors and unlimited receivers. This makes it even better when it comes to the overall performance generally, and we can surely say that it is one of the best driveway alarms.