Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector in 2019: Top Products For Your Safety

Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous chemicals that can be found in the home. This chemical is known for being deadly as there’s ultimately no way to tell without the best carbon monoxide detector. The chemical is released into the air anytime an object is burned, but it’s typically not a big deal because there isn’t enough being released at one time to be harmful. However, if there are large amounts of CO in the air, it could be deadly. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in the best carbon monoxide detector. In this article, we will provide you with the best carbon monoxide detector 2019.

What Is It?

The best carbon monoxide detector is a device that is used to detect any harmful chemicals released into the air. When the device senses that there is more than enough of CO in the air, the alarm is set off to notify you. These devices are life savers and are vital to any home. Each detector checks multiple times throughout the day, some even checking every 15 seconds.

Why You Need The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a lethal chemical that can not only be deadly but if consumed over a period can lead to a whole host of health problems. High doses will cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, blurred vision, and cause you to not act like yourself. If enough is consumed, one can even die.

Is A Carbon Monoxide Detector Necessary?

By law, every home is required to have at least one best CO detector installed. However, larger homes would be better off to have one in each room or at least have them spread around the house.

Where Is The Best Place To Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Each room should have at least one CO detector installed. If not, have them spread out through your home to ensure that the first sign of the chemical is detected. As a recommendation, a two-story home should have at least five detectors. Two on each level and then at least one in the garage.

How Do You Know If Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Working?

Most CO detectors have a “test” button which you can press and see if it’s working. However, many modern carbon monoxide detectors also have digital displays that update every few minutes. If the readings are changing, then it’s likely the sensor is not working.

Top 7 Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Compared & Reviewed

Best Feature
Battery Life
Smartphone compatibility
10 years
2 years
85 db at 10 feet (10m)
WiFi to iOS/Android
10-year batteries
10 years
10 years
85 db
iOS 9.0 or later
Digital display
7 years
5 years
85 db at 10 feet (10m)
Loud alert
7 years
5 years
85 db
Reads every 15 seconds
10 years
10 years
85 db at 10 feet (10m)

Best Dual Sensor: Nest Protect

  • Dual sensor
  • iOS compatibility
  • Advanced technology
  • Expensive

The first best smoke carbon monoxide detector is the Nest Protect. It features a dual sensor which can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. The Nest works by the app and will help you monitor all of the devices in your home. If any chemical is detected, then the alert will go directly to your phone. The system can be installed wirelessly or wired into your home, and it’s your choice. Whenever the best smoke carbon monoxide detector goes off, instead of blaring a siren it will have a voice over. It’s compatible with other sensors, as long as they’ve been made recently. The only downside we’ve found with this best smoke carbon monoxide detector is that it tends to be expensive, but the investment is worth it for all of the features and controls.

  • Dual sensor
  • Smartphone app
  • Advanced technology
  • Only compatible w/ Apple devices

The second detector on the best CO list is the First Alert Onelink system. It features a long battery life of up to 10 years, which ensures that it won’t die when you need it the most. You can connect the device to a smart device using Apple’s HomeKit, and you’ll have full control over the entire system. Instead of a siren, a human voice will be sounded, and every system will be turned on and notify you. That way, you won’t accidentally miss it if you’re at another level of your home. Lastly, it doubles as a smoke detector too, which can save you money and enhance your home's safety. The only downside we’ve found is that this is only compatible with Apple devices.

Best Overall: Kidde KN-COPP-3

  • Hardwired
  • Backup battery
  • Digital display
  • Not Dual

The next best CO detector is the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm. It features an affordable price range that comes equipped with a digital display. All information displayed will tell you if the levels have reached critical or not, allowing your home to be safe. It’s had a majority of positive carbon monoxide detector reviews and is the most popular regarding customer satisfaction.

To ensure that the unit doesn’t go bad on you, it comes with a backup battery preinstalled into the system, ensuring that it functions at all times. The only downside we’ve seen with this product is that it’s not a smart detector and only detects CO.

Most Versatile: First Alert CO615

  • Versatile
  • Digital
  • Enhanced features
  • Odd design

The next best item is The First Alert CO615. It’s a very versatile type of carbon monoxide detector, as instead of using a battery or wires to charge it, it can conveniently be placed into any room from a wall outlet. The unit features a digital display that shows you the current levels of CO in the room. It’s useful if you want to know what the different levels are in each room. The only downside we’ve found with this model is that the unit is hard to plug in and the optional battery pack may be in the way.

Best Budget: Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM

  • Digital display
  • Battery operated
  • Top rated
  • Not dual

The Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM is our next best unit. It features a digital display which includes how much CO is currently in the air. Unlike others, this unit updates every 15 seconds, which makes it a very accurate alternative to other detectors. The Kidde is very easy to install because it doesn’t need to be connected by wires.

It features a battery powered unit, but be sure to remember to replace them every few months. The affordable price makes this perfect for larger homes, and it’s one of the most popular based on carbon monoxide detector reviews. The only downside we’ve seen with this battery operated carbon monoxide detector is that it has no smart compatibility.

Safe-T-Alert Flush Mount

  • Mounts to wall
  • Mobile homes
  • Dual alarm
  • Propane gas detector
  • Expensive

The next best product is the Safe-T-Alert Flush Mount. It features a hardwired system which won’t die because of drained batteries. Instead, it uses a 12-volt electric current to keep power. The device has been specially built for RV’s or motorhomes, as it protects against multiple types of gas leaks, including propane. The only downside we’ve seen to this product is that it’s costly, but luckily an RV or motorhome doesn’t need more than one or two of these installed.

Leeo Smart Alert

  • Compatible with other detectors
  • Simple design
  • Calls for help
  • Connects to other systems

The last top rated carbon monoxide detector on our list is the Leeo Smart Alert. It features compatibility with all other devices, as long as they’re more recent ones. The device is an affordable alternative to connect multiple systems in your home. One of the best features is that if the alarm sounds in your home, you can control it from the best evice as it will contact you, someone else that you program it to, or 911. It has some of the most positive carbon monoxide detector reviews online and features a home automation compatibility with most smart devices. The only downside we’ve seen is that it’s not a carbon monoxide detector in itself but connects all the systems in your home.

Types of Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The best type of carbon monoxide detectors are recent models that have been designed to be long lasting, durable, and reliable. In this section of the article, we will introduce you to the different types of carbon monoxide detectors available on the market.


Dual functioning carbon monoxide detectors are designed to read two types of chemicals found in the home. The first is CO and the second will either be propane or smoke.


Digital systems display the exact readings of the different types of CO found in the home. These types update very often and are some of the most reliable types.


Smart devices are compatible with iOS devices or smart devices. These can be connected to your phone and give you complete control over the unit.


Hardwired are the traditional types of carbon monoxide detectors, as they have to be installed into the home. Each of the detectors must be connected to your home electrical grid and the only risk of them not working is because of an electrical problem.


The last type of best rated carbon monoxide detector is the battery operated types. These are similar to any other sensor, though the difference is that they run on batteries. It’s more convenient to own one of these, but you must remember to replace the batteries every so often.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Buying Guide - What to look at?

When it comes to purchasing the best rated carbon monoxide detector, it’s important to be educated on what feature makes a reliable detector. In this section of the article, we will explain the process so that you can make the choices to choosing the best rated carbon monoxide detector.

Buying A Carbon Monoxide Detector: Main Considerations

The best carbon monoxide alarm will be dependent upon a few factors. So, before you go out and look for a carbon monoxide detector for sale, we’ll need to go over a few factors that include the best.

Learn To Recognize Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

CO is a deadly killer that could easily be one of the most dangerous gases in a home. The issue with carbon monoxide is that it doesn’t have any smell, taste, or way to detect it unless you use a sensor. Symptoms of CO poisoning range from dizziness, poisoning, light-headed, headaches, confusion, and much more.

When it comes to the best detector, it’s important to get out of the home at a moments notice of carbon monoxide. The issue is that more people die from CO poisoning than anyone would think, and the only reason for this is because they don’t have a reliable system. If one is prolonged to exposure for carbon monoxide, then they will slowly start to feel symptoms before dying. That’s why it’s imperative to lessen the length of exposure, if not to get out of the home right away.

Who Is Most Vulnerable To CO Poisoning?

Think of CO poisoning similar to other types of poison. Children, pets, elderly, and anyone who is already suffering from health problems will likely be more affected by exposure to carbon dioxide. According to the best Mayo Clinic and The Center for Disease Control, pregnant women and elderly are the most susceptible to poisoning and will suffer from permanent damage. For anyone who is pregnant, the baby ends up deteriorating at a faster rate than the mother. Elderly will end up suffering from permanent brain damage too. That’s why it’s vital that you have a reliable carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Suspecting High Levels Of Carbon Monoxide? Here’s What To DO

No matter if you suspect or know that there is CO in your home it’s best to leave the premises and call a professional to help identify the problem. If your family already has been exposed then call 911 right away and get treatment. The moment you and your family are no longer exposed to carbon monoxide, the faster you’ll start to feel better. If you have pets, take them to the vet and explain the situation, as they are more susceptible to symptoms.

What Is A Carbon Monoxide Detector?

The best carbon monoxide detector is similar to a smoke detector, but instead of looking for the smoke it senses CO in the air. The structure of the device uses three different types of sensors that help detect how much carbon monoxide is present in the air.

The first type is a biomimetic detector which has a chamber filled with a gel. This gel needs to absorb enough carbon monoxide before it turns a specific color and then will set off an alarm. The second type is called a metal oxide detector, and this uses silica chips that will send an electric current to activate the alarm if any carbon monoxide is detected. The last type is called an electrochemical sensor, and this uses chemical solutions to identify if any carbon monoxide is present.

Where To Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Every room should have the best carbon monoxide detector, especially if you have a large home. The essential places are either in the kitchen or garage, as these are often the areas of the house that carbon monoxide form. If you have a basement or attic, it’s also good to put one in there. As a general rule, place on in the entryway, each room, and hallway.

How To Maintain A Carbon Monoxide Detector

It’s relatively easy to maintain your carbon monoxide detector, as all you will need to do is make sure that the battery is working and keeping it clean from any dust or dirt buildup. Always test your device every month, as most come with a testing button. However, digital devices will have a display of previous levels, and you can check to see if they’ve changed or seen if the detector has changed at all during the week.

The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector: Final Advice

A carbon monoxide detector can save your life and prevent anyone in your family from permanent symptoms. Every home is required by law to have one, as well as smoke detectors. Without a sensor, there’s almost no chance of telling when and how much carbon monoxide is in your home. The last thing you’d want is to be exposed to it for days or weeks without even realizing it. So, to preserve your health, investing in a worthy and reliable carbon monoxide detector is best.

However, the top rated carbon monoxide detector isn’t going to be a cheap model. It’s effortless to purchase ones for low prices because you’ll feel like you're getting a deal for your money. The issue is that you need a reliable model that accurately reads the correct amount of carbon monoxide in your home. Don’t risk the chances of getting a bad carbon monoxide detector. Instead, read our buying guide and determine which type of the top rated carbon monoxide detector is right for you and your home. By doing so, you can avoid choosing one that doesn’t work. Honestly, we’d recommend the best carbon monoxide detector as being dual systems that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. This is because they are both required for your home, but by purchasing a double system, you’ll be saving money.

As we come to the end of this article, we would like to take a moment to select one of the detectors on our list as being the best carbon monoxide detector 2019. The best carbon monoxide detector is the Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM. Not only does it feature a digital display, but it’s also battery operated. Regarding carbon monoxide detector reviews, this detector has the most positive feedback. Combined with the fact that it updates every 15 seconds, it’s the most reliable systems on our list. That’s what makes it the best carbon monoxide detector.