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Best GPS Tracker for Car to Buy in 2019: Top 8 Reviews and Ultimate Guide

Routes and location monitoring of a vehicle in real time can be performed by means of best GPS tracker for car. In case of unplanned car departure from its geofence, an emergency SMS message is sent to a car owner’s mobile phone, which will allow him to respond promptly to possible car theft. Note that today most insurance companies require the presence of best GPS tracker for car, especially when insuring luxury vehicles.

If your car is used not only by you, but also by your wife, child, relatives, or if you have several cars, best GPS tracker for car will be very helpful. It will effectively monitor their condition, for example, remind to pass through maintenance. In addition, with best GPS tracker for car, you will always know if your child or relatives are within speed limits. In simple words, considering the newest security requirements, the presence of best GPS tracker for car is a necessity, and it does not require more explanations. This is a global standard of safety and control. It is absolutely normal that drivers want to equip their cars with a satellite monitoring device to continuously watch their vehicles. However, one wonders how to choose the best car GPS tracker? We’ll try to help you with the answer to this question.

Best Car GPS Tracker. FAQs

Is It Against the Law to Put a Tracking Device on Someone's Car?

If you are not a car owner, then it is prohibited to install a tracker on it. For example, even if your employee uses his personal car for work, you don’t have the right to track his location. Research data prove that some people use a secret installation of such best trackers, but again this works only for personal or company vehicles. Presence of satellite monitoring of transport disciplines the driver and minimizes his use of a vehicle for other purposes. In other words, secret installation is not needed as usual one prevents any deviations from the route. Vehicle owner has the full right to track the movement of his property and know about any deviations from the intended route.

Which GPS Tracker Is the Best?

Vehicle protection is a task of every driver. However, this duty quickly becomes a problem when vehicles are being stolen more and more often. It is possible to build an effective security system only with the introduction of a complex anti-theft tool. One of them is the best gps tracking devices for automobiles. The most important indicator of a perfect device is its reliability. Most often, choosing such tracer with comparable functionality, but at a significantly lower price, you assume risks. In a highly competitive market of such products, you are unlikely to overpay for a brand. You will need to pay extra money for thoughtful engineering solutions based on the rich experience of the manufacturer, which, ultimately, will result in appreciation and loyalty.

What Is the Best GPS Tracking Device for Cars?

The market is full of great products and which of them is the best choice for you depends on your personal needs. Mainly all of them offer a similar set of functions of broadcasting your vehicle’s GPS coordinates periodically, usually to a web browser or smartphone app. While you can use a smartphone as a tracking device, standalone trackers have several benefits. So it would be recommended to give preference to these models.

How Can I Track My Car with GPS?

Key advantages of the best vehicle GPS trackers are the following: they notify you of the location of an object at any distance from the owner. It is difficult to detect them even for experienced hijackers armed with the most modern technical means, such as code grabbers, ether scanners and jammers.

TOP 8 Best GPS Trackers for Car Compared and Reviewed

Everyone wants to use only the best vehicle protection system. The best GPS tracker for car 2019 is one that efficiently transmits information, works offline for a long time and has a high quality of performance. To simplify your choice of right model, we tested numerous devices and will recommend getting acquainted with the leaders of the segment that are given below. GPS tracker for car reviews are also represented.

Battery Life
Real time tracking
Subscription fees
3.25 x 2.5 x 1 in
6 hours
Provides informative reports
3.5 x 2.3 x 1.6 in
Watertight magnetic case
1 x 1.5 x 3 in
1 week
Small-sized real time tracker
1 x 1.75 x 2.1 in
3 months
Allows to reduce fuel usage remotely
2 x 2 x 2 in
Not observed
Detects aggressive driving behavior

Best Overall: Real Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker

  • Offers to monitor in a real-time
  • Easy to install
  • Tight construction
  • High-quality technical support
  • Informative reports
  • May fail to generate reports

When you are looking for the best real time gps tracker for car, consider Real Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker by TrackmateGPS. It is highly-effective for real-time monitoring. It offers numerous alerts and helpful reports. Would be a perfect solution if you need a device to track a teenager who eager to break the speed limit or old parents location. In addition, it informs about problems with power and fuel level in a vehicle. All reports made by a device can be downloaded or sent on e-mail.

Best Waterproof Box: Monster Magnetics Waterproof Case for Under Vehicle GPS Tracking

  • Watertight case
  • Ideal unnoticeable size
  • Is easy to hide
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Plastic build construction

This device is one of the best vehicle trackers , famous for its waterproof case and ability to withstand any weather conditions. Based on GPS tracker for car reviews, it can be installed in any location with a magnetic surface. It is possible to mount it even under a vehicle, so only you will be aware of its presence. The special watertight design is responsible for the accurate protection and won’t get damaged by corrosion. Size of the box is good enough to store keys, jewelry, and other valuable things.

Best Real Time GPS Tracker: Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

  • Real-time tracker
  • Comes with a mobile application
  • Good battery life
  • Compact size
  • Allows storing history
  • Requires to be reset on regular work

This small-sized device offers excellent portability. Thanks to high-quality inbuilt motion sensor it helps to prolong battery life. All tracking reports are sent via SMS or on e-mail. This best car GPS tracker is able to get information as for speed. Also, you will always know when a vehicle leaves any area. It is compatible with the iOS and Android application which helps in tracking.

Best Easy in Use: Linxup OBD with 3G GPS Service & GPS System

  • Easy in use
  • Accurate data
  • Sends informative reports
  • Comes with free mobile application
  • Allows setting up virtual boundaries
  • Can’t work without a subscription

Linxup OBD with 3G GPS Service & GPS System is the best choice for companies who need to monitor their drivers and vehicles. It gathers data about location, speed, traffic, and direction. Information is accurate as Google Maps are used for tracking. What is fantastic – it is possible to reduce the level of fuel usage on a distance. Reports are easy to access from a free mobile application. So, this model is highly recommended for companies.

Best to Detect Aggressive Driving: Mobile Asset Solutions MT-OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Easy to install
  • Helps to detect aggressive drivers
  • Out-of-area reports
  • Accurate reporting system
  • Alerts about broken speed limit
  • Short battery life

This best GPS tracker for car is small in size and is easy to install. It should be plugged into the OBD port that is present in any transport. With this product, you will be always aware of tampering geofence and speeding as it will send you informative reports via text or on e-mail. Detects aggressive driving! It comes with a mobile application that can be downloaded for free. It can be accessed from any device which has an Internet connection.

Best to Track Teens: MOTOsafety OBD with 3G GPS Service

  • Easy to install
  • Offers driver’s report card
  • Comes with Find My Car feature
  • Has route replay option
  • Good price
  • A feature of setting speed is not perfect

This is another best OBD monitoring system to consider. It serves as a driving coach to teens that tend to break speed limits and visit prohibited places. According to GPS tracker for car reviews, this device allows to set up a geofence and driving time limits. It also helps parents to be aware of direction, location, speed, and traffic on the road. Thanks to route replay function it is possible to view the route in details. A report card is also informative and accurate.

Best Car Finder: Tile (Gen 2) – Phone Finder. Key Finder

  • Easy in use
  • Compact design
  • Excellent durability
  • Is easy to hide
  • Allows finding a smartphone
  • Works better for keyrings

We constantly lose things and spend a lot of time searching for them. Thanks to Tile this problem is solved. You can use as many best trinkets as you like. Moreover, you can share them with your employees or put into your auto. The Tile app remembers where it saw your car keys last time, so you can easily find it. The Tile team takes security seriously. Therefore, only you and the users of the device with whom you have shared access can find keyring you are interested in.

Best Budget: Grikey GPS/GSM/GPRS Vehicle Car Tracker System

  • Perfect in terms of safety
  • Remote alarm
  • Accurate reports
  • Offers easy tracking
  • Can be connected to microphone to listen to conversations
  • Speed data are not accurate

This best GPS tracker for car is ready to help if you take care of safety. It is more than a simple monitoring system because it works also as an alarm with remote functionality. For example, having this product installed, you can lock your auto remotely and get a notification when someone tries to open it. It also allows blocking a fuel pump. This tracker allows setting up a geofence and shows exact information as for location using Google Maps. It can be connected to a microphone if you want to listen to dialogs in a vehicle.

Types of Best GPS Trackers for Car

Satellite transport tracking divides into two types: active tracking (satellite monitoring) and passive monitoring or satellite tracking on demand. Let’s find out what are the main differences between them.

Active Trackers

The best active satellite monitoring system continuously transmits data from the tracker to the satellite monitoring server, from which you can always request a history of movement and status of sensors. In other words, you will always see traffic in real-time transmission. Also, you can clearly see not only data from sensors but also graphs and various cartographic materials.

Passive Trackers

Passive monitoring or tracking on demand works in the following way: you send an SMS to best GPS tracker for car, and it sends you an SMS with geographic data (latitude, longitude, speed and/or sensor values, for example – fuel level in arbitrary units). In some models of such devices, it’s enough to make a call to SIM card installed in a device. Having received such a message, you should be able to read and understand it.

Types of Tracking Systems

To choose the best car tracking device, it is necessary to consider for which vehicle it will be installed, what is the required battery life, what should be the geographical accuracy of tracking and many other factors. So, you need to pay attention to the parameters below:


Best devices are usually small in size; they are not bigger than a cigarette lighter. The smaller is the unit, the easier it will be to hide it. Also, size parameters influence battery life. The smallest unit needs to be recharged at least once a week, big-size models – once a month.


Battery life of a device depends on battery capacity. It is desirable that the device is equipped with a battery capacity indicator that allows you to see a level of charge.

Installation Type

There are many options for installation of best car tracking device: bolts, magnets or conventional placement without any fasteners. Choose one method or another based on a type of vehicle, a period of use of GPS tracker for cars and conditions of its operation.


Resistance to environmental influences like moisture, dirt, and dust is important for the best devices with outdoor placement. Sealed devices can be mounted on bumpers, wheel arches and other places where for hijacker it will be difficult to detect them. Unsealed models are recommended to be placed in salons or trunk of cars.

Principle of Work

Method of activation, software updates and receiving data from the device (SMS alert, website, mobile application) are also important. The accuracy of determination of coordinates makes sense as well. According to GPS tracker for car reviews, inaccuracy should be no more than 2.5 meters.


By purchasing a product of a well-known brand, you get a guarantee of quality of goods. Chinese appliances have the lowest quality level, so it is advisable to give preference to domestic or European products.

When you have decided on technical parameters, you can proceed to the next step – choosing a suitable device model.

The Best GPS Tracker for Car. Final Advice

When you are looking for best GPS tracker for car, you need to be sure that information it gathers and provides is realistic. So, best GPS tracker for car should be easy to install, should allow to set up a geofence and to track location in real time or by means of reports. Taking into account numerous factors, we made a choice of the best GPS tracker for car 2019, so our top pick is Real Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker. If you are a company owner, such best GPS tracker for car will help to maximize the productivity of drivers and other staff who use vehicles for work. In addition, thanks to its small and compact size, it can be installed at any place and will remain hidden. All the reports are accurate. Moreover, this best GPS tracker for car will send you a report in the most convenient way. With this device, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your car, employees, and kids.